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    Adam G. S.
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    Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Bioshock
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    Schmotta (German Cuisine), Grosse Panekuchen, Tortolinni Pasta, Crab and Cream Cheese Wontons, Hamburger Hash
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    Shaun of the Dead, The Princess Bride, Paul, Hot Fuzz, Transformers (1980's)
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    Big D and the Kids Table, Against Me!, 소녀시대, Super Junior, Anti-Flag, Eminem, Maroon 5, Coheed and Cambria, Ludo, Muse
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    Singing, Acting, Longboarding, Skateboarding, Partying, Gaming, Eating.
    Gaming Drink of Choice: Sprite
    Mouse: ASUS Default / Old School Dell Default
    Keyboard: ASUS Default / (Looking to Grab a nice new dell keyboard just like the ones at my school)
    Headset: Logitech Wireless (So I can stay on skype and talk while I'm in the bathroom! :D)
    Processor: AMD Dual Core rated at 2.8GHz
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    My rig isnt that great, but it lets me play!

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  1. Hopefol

    Starcraft 2 Team Training Nights

    Love the idea, thanks for letting me know that applicants are allowed in this event too! i'm gonna try and participate asap!
  2. Hopefol

    Hopefol's SC2 Application!

    Thanks everyone, I will try to work on that twitter stuff tonight! >> And Idk if I can sing star wars stuff but if you didnt know, Guile Theme (from Street Fighter 2) Goes with EVERYTHING! >> Watch that and you will understand
  3. Hopefol

    What's your favorite champ to play and why?

    I enjoy playing Akali and Shen because... they are Ninjas. WHAT ELSE? Akali I have the blood moon skin which is super attractive ^.^ and I really enjoy her epic chasing power and defensive power. Cloud of Smoke is so fun to hide in even though it is not so great vs an Oracles Elixir late game. Flash + Ultimate make her chasing range so huge! Shen is the first tank I ever played, even before the patch that buffed him he was so fun to use. I would roll bottom lane as support (and still do) and the fact that I can save my teammates anywhere on the map really helps (especially vs Karthus). I also enjoy sitting in the bush in lane and running out to grab a taunt. But the best part is when I play shen taunt as if it was fruit ninja... See how many enemy champions I can taunt with 1 swipe! It's alotta fun!
  4. I am excited now to see Spectral own some face! Thanks to Husky I know who you are but I give you props for playing the way you do! Even though I am not disabled it still gives me great pride in knowing how much our community supports you! I hope that there will be a stream for the show match!
  5. Hopefol


    I am also a masters Terran if you can catch me when I'm online go ahead and add me Hopefol.380 Out of game tip I can give you is to setup in your mind and know what to do incase any drop happens ever... and the other tip is just to work on Map Awareness. So placing a pylon at the edge of your base you can see the drop coming and react to it faster! Good Luck!
  6. Hopefol

    Music while playing SC2?

    I play terran, so generally I like listening to fast paced music to keep up with my EPM and Mechanics. This usually involves fast dubstep, techno, kpop. Sometimes I get in weird moods where I will listen to my favorite artists though which range from Genres such as Ska, Rap (Eminem), Indy, Punk. But in most cases I enjoy Kpop. It keeps the spirit of the game in my mind and makes me more Korean (ie Better at sc2)!
  7. Hopefol

    Hopefol's SC2 Application!

    Name: Adam G Schneider Age:18 In-Game Name: Hopefol Twitter Link: @dagger12312 Facebook: Facebook.com/phatomic Frequency: Facebook - All the time. Twitter - Rarely I heard about vVv from the teamliquid.net forums when I was looking for sponsorship opportunities I do not currently know anyone from vVv gaming. I am interested in joining vVv because I want a team of dedicated and fun people. I am interested in improving my game to semi-pro/pro status. One of my life long dreams is to visit South Korea and visit for the GSL. 안녕하세오 I add value by being a positive person. I tend to keep people happy when they are down because I see no reason to hate life, enjoy it. Let it thrill you! I am not currently familiar with the podcasts. I have been playing video games ever since I was 6 or 7. The game boy! I devote probably 40+ hours per week to video games, whether for fun or to improve! I am currently in Masters League with around 200 points (Low Masters) It took much competition to reach this skill level for myself, I see myself as a very competitive gamer! I'm looking forward to Diablo 3 and Bioshock 3 because of their story lines and because I love RPGs. I enjoy my time outside of the house Acting in Theatre, Singing in Choir, Longboarding/Skateboarding. Next year I see myself in CSL or higher as I will graduate in a few months and join my college CSL Team. I see myself possibly heading to Korea to either visit or GSL or both! vVvHopefol - Sounds schnazzy. ^.^ Thank you vVv for reviewing my application! I look forward to hearing your choice!