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    oh and of course Day[9]
  1. Im game if you guys need anyone! Been itching to play against not-ladder people....
  2. Not every change that takes place automatically makes something imba.. the point of a balance patch is to.. well.. balance! So the medivac change isn't imba.. it's a balance patch to make sure medivacs dont just die. This is perfect, especially the last phrase. Protoss can warp in, zerg can make a thousand things at once, but terran HAS to win big late-game engagements or have a TON of production structures or the game is over if he loses.
  3. vVv Bus!

    Oxford Ohio!
  4. TLO on the Discovery Channel

    Seen any recent results? He definitely still is.
  5. TLO on the Discovery Channel

    this is AWESOME thanks for sharing!!!
  6. I think this is probably true. These changes are pretty major, so the metagame would, in many senses, reset. I don't think completely though, because not TOO much early game stuff is changing. At least not enough to drastically effect whether or not i go 15 hatch 15 gas 15 pool, etc. It would definitely effect the lategame, all of these changes seem to be directed towards late game with the exception of the reapers that makes sense. I wonder what they will do, increase attack speed and decrease damage maybe? Idk, the whole usage of DTs seems to be kind of a gamble, and kind of a harassing unit anyway, so inclusion in an army has always seemed a bit odd to me. It doesn't really happen. Though I guess that's what blizzard wants to change. It will be interesting to see what they do next. I think it is important for all players here to remember that this is still just the beta so they could basically do whatever they want just for the purpose of seeing how it effects the overall game and the happiness of the players, etc. I think that, Reere, maybe they ARE trying to reset the metagame to see where it takes us and how quickly, and if the changes are positive or negative. And what better way to test this out than the beta of a new game? It seems foolish at this point in WoL to make drastic changes with lots of big events coming up. Can you even imagine how horrible that would be for the pros if everything reset just before the end of the year, and right before a new game? Some would probably quit
  7. Nerf the infestor? what is this crap? Thats a joke for all of you who just loaded your shotguns and google mapsearched my house. I think this is all good. Zerg has been making me so mad lately with all the flack it's getting for the infestors so I'm glad I can actually use different units and try to win in a, what I hope will be called, 'legit' way. Not sure what I think about DTs, they are difficult to deal with late game when a lot of stuff is going on already if you aren't prepared. The IF is important there, but aren't DTs kind of supposed to be a gamble anyway? Just my thoughts
  8. Gear I use & recommend.

    I use Ikari and razer blackwidow.. i'll be getting either a 6gv2 or a Das. Though honestly I like the cherry blues and the blackwidow isn't nearly as bad as all the hack it gets on forums and stuff. I like it. As for the mouse, it is HUGELY preference in my experience. I love the Ikari. Some people hate it. It works for me I guess, though I'm sure a sensei would as well ^^
  9. How bad were you?

    SC2 was my first PC game, and I was placed into bronze. I started because two of my friends were gold level and invited me to try the demo. I loved it and instantly fell in love, and taught myself the game, moved from bronze now to top diamond in a bit over a year. I also roflstomp the two guys who got me to play. I have great dexterity which helps a lot, and I analyze really well so ladder progress has been, for the most part, pretty easy. The one thing that is really still frustrating is that I can coach or tell people what they should be doing really to masters level, but can't quite do it myself, I still do idiotic things like forget infestation pit and or upgrades. However, my mistakes have been slowly eliminated by good replay analysis and stuff. A major problem of mine a month ago was lack of scouting and now, I can scout and know the metagame well enough to make a very educated guess as to what my opponent is doing. Unfortunately, and I'll be honest, you can't really do this below diamond all the time because players get gas and then go marines or zealot rush. It is silly and nonsensical and for that reason, to get out of lower leagues into plat-diamond and eventually masters, i am taking Reere/Glon's advice and learning only one or two builds TOTAL and then learning the mechanics to progress past the early game if your build (it is generally an attack of some sort, aka 2base roach bust, 4gate, etc) to still be able to win. I recommend watching a lot of replays and seeing the metagame and what the pros are doing as this helps drastically improve your builds. Day[9] is AMAZING for helping improve as well because of his detailed analysis of builds and games.
  10. PvZ Openings

    As a zerg player, I'll tell you i feel like zergs have a LOT more options on how they open. I personally choose roach bust a lot of the time because my macro is a little more shaky than my micro is, and i usually hit with 7 roaches around 6:20 with a natural complete. Of course, i can also open 3-base and you can't do much about it. These both are assuming that you are going ffe. Now, the one thing that protoss can do is choose a wacky tech path that zergs aren't prepared for. You could go void ray/phoenix, double robo, fast 3rd, blink, and if you catch me off guard with any one of these you will get in enough damage/economic gain to push ahead. It seems like the metagame forces both p and z into certain specific final builds, but I'd honestly argue in some ways that protoss late game (with a good army composition) is better than zerg IF certain things go right. For a zerg to win things need to go right also. It's true that infestor/BL/roach or whatever else is probably a bit stronger than mothership/archon/stalker/etc.. but it depends on the micro. That's my zergy perspective on it, feel free to correct me of course ^^
  11. Climbing the SC2 ladder~

    So i ran into a bit of trouble vs all 3 races, i noticed, when i got cheesed. It was honestly lack of knowing what to do and prioritizing the build over saving my natural hatch and losing it, stuff like that. Live and learn i guess, but so far doing really well on ladder, moved up to rank 1!
  12. Ye Olde Map Tournament!

    My computer does not stream at high quality no sorry... yours might have to do, i dont stream
  13. Ye Olde Map Tournament!

    Ill co cast! Been meaning to for a while
  14. Ye Olde Map Tournament!

    Definitely a good idea, if you need any help setting this up let me know and ill be there!
  15. Climbing the SC2 ladder~

    Thanks! I felt my mechanics were good but never felt comfortable with a style of play. This is literally perfect for me, it lets me do damage to my opponent and get tons of econ knowing i am safe. I played one game where i had 3 bases up while my opponent was expanding. Idk i just feel.. better with this build! My apm went up on average llike 50 no joke and my scouting has been great also... thanks for the advice too about playing vs the AI btw that helps a ton when i have like 20 mins to play and am not sure if i can squeeze in a ladder game.