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  1. _RaGe

    Sorry Everyone

    Hey Everyone im sorry to say but i have to go! Me and my team have plans for CoD and with vVv Not supporting CoD its not really the place for me to be. Also Never felt very welcomed after i got accepted besides by Jerry and a few other members. i will still support vVv threw there LAN Events . it has been an honor to be apart of the Community. Ill still stop by and say hello. ill miss everyone <3
  2. _RaGe

    Sorry Everyone

    no who said that? im still vVv RaGe GT vVv iRaGe just saying i went to a diff CoD team
  3. _RaGe

    vVv Staff Changes

  4. _RaGe

    Sorry Everyone

    I Just wanted to say sorry i haven't been on the forums much lately been working allot and been going thru some Changes with Teams and Stuff. I am no Longer a member of evolution. I now play with AoS.And i wanna give a shout out to vVv Shadow for not only encourage me to join vVv but also be a big part of Evolution. Also i am Going to be playing a KOTC next Saturday With AoS i will be competing in hopefully FFA, 2v2 and 4v4. Almost everday when i scrim or pubs some one asks me about vVv i encourage and explain its there choice to type in the site. Im Constantly Tweeting to vVv! xD And i Have my GF Rock the vVv xD. But again sorry i miss chatting in shoutbox and getting to see losersbracket when its live ily vVv <3
  5. _RaGe

    My Thoughts on Competitive CoD as of Now.

    of course it does but now LAN is in but season is almost over so i wanna focus on BLOPS 2
  6. _RaGe

    Steel Series 30 Days of Giveaways

    Worked for me to i got page not found too and then i refreshed after i signed into facebook and liked again and it worked
  7. Hahaha well guys its coming down to a little over a month I can't wait
  8. Its possible but only time but either way im going in support of vVv and my first MLG event
  9. _RaGe

    Community Player Application-Britzel

    heY bro just saying your gunna need to post on forums more and tweet about vVv and news about them and whatever else is going on with vVv if your going to be a social media expert again man GL
  10. _RaGe

    Community Player Application-Britzel

    yeah britzel GoodLuck man. Stay Active and get to know other members.
  11. I Hope to see you there bro
  12. _RaGe

    The Status of Evolution as of June 21st, 2012

    Im Still here ! But i like the way the team is going very competitive and also content!
  13. Im staying at a hotel if there is a spot open you can room with