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  1. I feel like I've seen that article posts before in vVv, but whatevs. Still a good article nonetheless. I do wish them luck in integrating these ideas into the workforce, especially the blissful optimism one.
  2. Voided

    So I'm Playing League of Legends And...

    But hey, glad you're hooked! XD
  3. Voided

    So I'm Playing League of Legends And...

    Perhaps find a schedule for when you play SC2 and Lol? Like, maybe do LoL for two days, then SC2 for two days, and then do whatever the final three days, or something.
  4. Voided

    Message for all 'I want to be a SC2 pro' people

    off-topic: I always get a good laugh at that little dance. And it warms me, too, when I think about how much MKP earned it. But yeah, on-topic, good article, good stuff to hear wherever you are on the "gamer spectrum", whether you're just starting out or at the tier of MKP, DRG, HuK, and all of them..
  5. Voided

    Personality Spotlight: Bryan "Glon" Gemler

    Good job, there 'Toss! I can't wait to see where our three SC2's will place at Anaheim, and the qualifiers going on this weekend.