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  1. Can I stream with these specs?

    Hehe I came into this thread ready to give advice, what your asking is "can I drive 100 mph in my knew Ferrari F40?" and I go "Well YES YOU CAN!" hahaha Your specs are WAY above average to stream, and your upload is also very good to stream so your good
  2. You are a bit condensending, goodluck with your future
  3. silly I did read your post, don't insinuate I didn't, and after I went over it a bit (I didn't spend 2 hours going over it indepth) I came to that conclusion, and if you want to improve that's my advice.
  4. My advice is to focus on 1 build for each matchup untill you are mid masters, then start to subtly change your play, in diamond your mulittasking/game knowledge actually isn't to a sufficent level to be able to appropriately change your builds on the fly/remember them exactly under every situation so you need to familarize yourself with a few seperated situations. That is the main reason you are most likely in daimond and not masters, that and you may need to work on macro/micro but that isn't part of this thread. goodluck
  5. A bit rattled at a current event on the site.

  6. Music while playing SC2?

    I personally prefer to listen to Blackmill
  7. PvT

    The overall issue with PvT in higher level is getting to the lategame, as of now Terran lacks the revolution/mindset to appropriately compose there army, such that the lategame protoss army roles it (wether they can or not, I'm not debating balance, this is just how it is right now) so the main goal is either A)surviving to the late game or B)2base timing A) surviving to the lategame should consist of opening macro orientated and generally getting a fast 2/3 colo and a fast third with blink stalkers and with observer/map control being able to see if: 1. his army is pushing across centre 2.if not then just position your army at each possible drop location (like zerg with ling/infestor) In this regard, you now can completely cover, when you do see a push but it seems light (like you can kill it with ease) it's most likely a trap, for instance he is going to drop your main/third while pushing or "three pronged attack" and in this regard with proper observer/map control you can prepare an army that can handle his army while haivng the rest scattered prepared for the drops Now, you've handled drop play, you are on three bases, you need to get 20-25 warpgates 3/3 upgrades (shields if u want but they are not required) and a composition of 2/3 colo (try not to make more) 3-4 templar (depending on composition you can make 1 templar to 6 templar) zealots/archons (prefer 5 zealots for every archon) and around 6-12 blink stalkers to ward off vikings/drops, and one or 2 sentries (FF's at this point are generally not needed because you have charge and most cases can ac tually block your advance. At this point, you expand, deny his 4th and slowly starve him to death, I personally drop 4 cannons in my main (where he'd drop) and third (around nexus) to give time for warpin to defend or just plain snipe the medvacs because you'll have banked cash. 2base pushes are MC's territory, so I advise watching his replays, you'll want to do it when you are confident you can crush him (he delayed medvac/viking and you have colo? He went fast third (thorzain style) ? He skipped on something ? You have superior upgrades and theres an opening? He negated to make bunkers? All these things are on the fly reading, you have to judge by experience (PREPARE TO LOSE GAMES) but once you become better at judging you'll hit stronger timings. My advice for build 1gate FE (either the 1zealot/1stalker variety or the 6 sentry 3gate push naniwa style) into a quick robotics/third and quick colo/upgrades I generally make my forge when robo is half way complete and when +1 armor is half way complete I make my 2nd forge so I can nthen produce 2-1 3-2 upgrades in that way then go into 3-3-1 3-3-2 Anyway, persnoally, just feel it out and play defensively, no need to hit these crazy timings, just let him be the aggressor.
  8. I feel as if "random" users should be not permitted to play in a tournament setting... It's such an unfair advantage/farce game. My first opponent went random vs me (protoss) and he 1/1/1 first game on Antiga and then 6pooled the 2nd game on Bel shir beach... I signed up to support/compete, not waste my time, I I had of known that was allowed I would not have participated. That being said, I hope it all goes well, goodluck ruff
  9. saving time was today wasnt it? can someone tell me how long from RIGHT NOW it is away, not like time, just how many hours from this post?
  10. signed up, hope it helps the cause.
  11. Novice Help?

    I don't understand why this would be a warning? Cheese is a ridiculously efficient way to teach a new player, it gives him one end goal to work at and gives him something he can work on and perfect. I am a big advocate of cheese to learn process, if you think about it, going "just macro man, it's all good" and the player can't handle the units hes making, it's not going to pan out. It is my opinion, that if you teach a new player, you should balance the scales 60-70% cheese and 40-30% macro, it'll be VERY confusing for a new player if you go "just 1gate FE, handle the 2rax or 1/1/1 while not producing to many probes because you need a strong army count then dont forget tech/and you can't underproduce probes or economically he'll crush you midgame, and dont forget you need the EXACT composition etcetcetc" I think, if you are coaching, start him off with a simple build (if hes protoss, 4gate. If he's terran, 3rax or 1/1/1. If he's zerg, baneling bust/roach allin. After he can execute these at fair bit, his overall game control will improve drastically, then he will be able to handle more complex things.
  12. Getting a new comp

    You need to state a few things Location(state/province but nothing concrete, I don't want your address hahahaha) Price range(most computers range 600-700 > 700-900 > 900-1200 > 1200 +) Expected quality of streaming? (360 minimum to 1080p) how is it being made? Pre built/manufacture/custom built/self built? Are you also looking for peripherals? (gear such as 120 dollars for quality mouse/keyboard/pad plus 60-300 dollar headsets?) Monitor included? Bought seperately? Already have one? Dual/quad monitor display? (having 2 monitors will increase CPU drain, but also increases work function by 60-70% so its a hefty price but I suggest it, but not while streaming!) what graphics will you be looking for (I recommend 150 dollar minimum, 100 dollar BARE minimum if not running 1080p, the CPU is more important than GPU for streaming though) What product? Intel or AMD? (AMD more affordable but less reliable, Intel is the top of the line product but runs a hefty price for its products) Do you plan to do anything hardware intensive? (Running sc2/streaming/music/skype can actually be rather straining at 1080p or even 720HD) PERSONAL RECOMENDATIONS: if you are setting out for around 600>1000 dollars aim to buy good quality hardware but not top, a Ford GT is fine, no need to grab a Ferrari F40. CPU? Aim for AMD for price, Intel if you have the dollars to spend. Intel will always have higher quality, better performance but NOT always better performance per dollar then AMD so choose on a personal level, monetary level and opinionated level based on educated thoughts GPU? Anything really, I always recommend the latest (or close to) nvida products Motherboard? Anything that is compatabile with DDR3 and the latest CPU/GPU set ups, MOST IMPORTANTLY you need SPACE! you might want to add another graphics card and run 2, or increase your ram from 8 > 16 in the near future so aim BIG with your Moboard Case? BIG! Get a bigger case then manufacture, if you open a HP pavilion you'll see cables running across CPU/GPU and those go REALLY HOT and dust fills up REALLY EASY! aim for a custom case, as big as you can fit comfortably, the bigger it is, the easier it is for you to clean it later and thats actually really handy! Mouse/Keyboard? doesnt matter but I recommend mechanical keyboard and NOT a wireless mouse, always wired for least delay (though lately its nearly un-noticable) Monitor? Go for about 20 inches, HD (can run TV/computer, most monitors do this now anyway) the bigger you aim, the less quality your play will be, sure watching movies is AWESOME on 32 inch monitor, playing SC2? no, aim for 18>26ish for monitor. INTERNET CONNECTION? You need a rather fast internet connection to run 1080p streaming, your upload is KEY, if you are in Canada you might have to dish BIG dollars to get faster upload, your internet should be fine though at 10mb/s (or less but I recommend as much as possible, work with what you have though) Anyway, glhf, reply with that info and i'll try to get more advice through, hard without price point
  13. ZvP practice partner needed

    here to help : P
  14. ZvP practice partner needed

    Hey, I'm a mid>high masters, I can give you some tips/play some games Merlin.787
  15. Best Streaming Desktops

    Ok, but read the first comment "trying to save up"