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  1. Merlin787

    Merlin Application

    I am active! : P
  2. Merlin787

    Can I stream with these specs?

    Hehe I came into this thread ready to give advice, what your asking is "can I drive 100 mph in my knew Ferrari F40?" and I go "Well YES YOU CAN!" hahaha Your specs are WAY above average to stream, and your upload is also very good to stream so your good
  3. You are a bit condensending, goodluck with your future
  4. silly I did read your post, don't insinuate I didn't, and after I went over it a bit (I didn't spend 2 hours going over it indepth) I came to that conclusion, and if you want to improve that's my advice.
  5. My advice is to focus on 1 build for each matchup untill you are mid masters, then start to subtly change your play, in diamond your mulittasking/game knowledge actually isn't to a sufficent level to be able to appropriately change your builds on the fly/remember them exactly under every situation so you need to familarize yourself with a few seperated situations. That is the main reason you are most likely in daimond and not masters, that and you may need to work on macro/micro but that isn't part of this thread. goodluck
  6. A bit rattled at a current event on the site.

  7. Merlin787

    Music while playing SC2?

    I personally prefer to listen to Blackmill
  8. Merlin787


    The overall issue with PvT in higher level is getting to the lategame, as of now Terran lacks the revolution/mindset to appropriately compose there army, such that the lategame protoss army roles it (wether they can or not, I'm not debating balance, this is just how it is right now) so the main goal is either A)surviving to the late game or B)2base timing A) surviving to the lategame should consist of opening macro orientated and generally getting a fast 2/3 colo and a fast third with blink stalkers and with observer/map control being able to see if: 1. his army is pushing across centre 2.if not then just position your army at each possible drop location (like zerg with ling/infestor) In this regard, you now can completely cover, when you do see a push but it seems light (like you can kill it with ease) it's most likely a trap, for instance he is going to drop your main/third while pushing or "three pronged attack" and in this regard with proper observer/map control you can prepare an army that can handle his army while haivng the rest scattered prepared for the drops Now, you've handled drop play, you are on three bases, you need to get 20-25 warpgates 3/3 upgrades (shields if u want but they are not required) and a composition of 2/3 colo (try not to make more) 3-4 templar (depending on composition you can make 1 templar to 6 templar) zealots/archons (prefer 5 zealots for every archon) and around 6-12 blink stalkers to ward off vikings/drops, and one or 2 sentries (FF's at this point are generally not needed because you have charge and most cases can ac tually block your advance. At this point, you expand, deny his 4th and slowly starve him to death, I personally drop 4 cannons in my main (where he'd drop) and third (around nexus) to give time for warpin to defend or just plain snipe the medvacs because you'll have banked cash. 2base pushes are MC's territory, so I advise watching his replays, you'll want to do it when you are confident you can crush him (he delayed medvac/viking and you have colo? He went fast third (thorzain style) ? He skipped on something ? You have superior upgrades and theres an opening? He negated to make bunkers? All these things are on the fly reading, you have to judge by experience (PREPARE TO LOSE GAMES) but once you become better at judging you'll hit stronger timings. My advice for build 1gate FE (either the 1zealot/1stalker variety or the 6 sentry 3gate push naniwa style) into a quick robotics/third and quick colo/upgrades I generally make my forge when robo is half way complete and when +1 armor is half way complete I make my 2nd forge so I can nthen produce 2-1 3-2 upgrades in that way then go into 3-3-1 3-3-2 Anyway, persnoally, just feel it out and play defensively, no need to hit these crazy timings, just let him be the aggressor.
  9. Merlin787

    Merlin Application

    I don't understand, is twitter/public media the only way a person can contribute? If so I believe I can't be a part of this group, spamming is all good for views but it's just not how I operate, I play at a relatively high level, and it was between joining NrG and working my way up the roster or joining vVv and doing the same, I plan to play, compete not sit and say "vVv #1" I've given advice to members online, played games in the channel, tried to suggest/advise computer related threads... If that isn't enough, if I have to start using twitter at all and there is no other way, then I guess I will not be accepted because it's just not how I planned any of this, sorry I don't fit the appropriate application process.
  10. I feel as if "random" users should be not permitted to play in a tournament setting... It's such an unfair advantage/farce game. My first opponent went random vs me (protoss) and he 1/1/1 first game on Antiga and then 6pooled the 2nd game on Bel shir beach... I signed up to support/compete, not waste my time, I I had of known that was allowed I would not have participated. That being said, I hope it all goes well, goodluck ruff
  11. saving time was today wasnt it? can someone tell me how long from RIGHT NOW it is away, not like time, just how many hours from this post?
  12. The biggest issue in all of this, isn't that gamers are racist, homophobic or sexist at all, the biggest issue is that they use the words in an entirely different manner than what it truly means. The biggest one I see is the way people approach the homophobic side, because right now OBVIOUSLY racist jokes are always going to be a grey area where Catz can publicly on his stream call minigun a frog and have minigun call him a beaner Proud Black Man<--- happens when you type the N word, I love it! and it be "ok" because they are friends, but on the flip its not ok to use that language by others based on race, or iNcontroL making anal sex references to the female porn star on SOTG (which can be viewed as sexist in the sense I'm sure if a homosexual male pornstar was on they would not have asked or make reference to it, and you could tell the girl was offended) So on to homophobic comments in gaming, obviously its unacceptable in any community, to refer to someone as "faggot", but if taken into context I believe the general issue is a LOT less drastic as it has been being played out on Reddit/TL by the masses. It's well known that eSports community jump over EVERYONES neck to get noticed/viewed/cause drama. I'll take this for example: Player 1 "You 2 base allining faggot" Player 2 "gg" ^ ok so obviously the first player is upset, mindset is obviously in a place where he is going to say vulgar things in general just to vent. Here's the catch, the way he used his wording (in context) is not meaning to be offensive at all to homosexual people. You could insert asshole just as easily and have the exact same venting response, so I don't believe it's an issue of player 1 (or players in general) not accepting homosexuals at all. I'll be the first to admit (and many of you would be hard pressed to say you haven't) calling someone a "faggot" or make a sexist comment to a female gamer who's making outlandish comments back to me, I don't accept or believe I acted appropriately but it's imperative to realize we are all humans and all vent, and the first place to start is by accepting it happens and for what reason it happens, personally after watching enough white-ra he's rubbed off on me and I've been slur/offense free since 2010 at least from gaming. So my point is, hidden in all that typing, we need to first address to gamers that gamers need to more carefully realize the text gamers are typing has a much greater negative effect than they'll are ever trying to make by venting, that it's obvious gamers are not racist/homophobic (to an extent obviously some are but ignorant people are everywhere), and that we need to simply transgress and change the way we vent from slurring others into just plain "fuck/shit/piss/asshole'esc" words. Anywho that's my opinion.
  13. Merlin787

    Merlin Application

    Mainly just personal, I just got accepted to Computer Sciences at UNB Fred though. It's mainly just a passion, not to say my knowledge lacks that of most Computer Techs though. I make a bit of money here and there cleaning out peoples computers/viruses/corrupted files. Right now though, programming wise, I am definitely weak, I suppose that's the goal of going to take programming classes in Uni though! And thanks guys, I play protoss and I'll hit you up for a few games Warrior.
  14. Merlin787

    Novice Help?

    I don't understand why this would be a warning? Cheese is a ridiculously efficient way to teach a new player, it gives him one end goal to work at and gives him something he can work on and perfect. I am a big advocate of cheese to learn process, if you think about it, going "just macro man, it's all good" and the player can't handle the units hes making, it's not going to pan out. It is my opinion, that if you teach a new player, you should balance the scales 60-70% cheese and 40-30% macro, it'll be VERY confusing for a new player if you go "just 1gate FE, handle the 2rax or 1/1/1 while not producing to many probes because you need a strong army count then dont forget tech/and you can't underproduce probes or economically he'll crush you midgame, and dont forget you need the EXACT composition etcetcetc" I think, if you are coaching, start him off with a simple build (if hes protoss, 4gate. If he's terran, 3rax or 1/1/1. If he's zerg, baneling bust/roach allin. After he can execute these at fair bit, his overall game control will improve drastically, then he will be able to handle more complex things.