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  1. Thank you. In our eyes the best way to improve is through practice. This gives you the opportunity to improve teamwork and sometimes individual skill. Also, it is the best way to prepare for different situations. We really are not doing anything different to prepare for Dallas. Since we aren't able to play Halo 4 before the event we are just playing Reach here and there, not nearly as much as we would if we were preparing for a normal event. From what I have seen Halo 4 looks like it is going to be an awesome game so we can't wait to compete.
  2. Pretty pumped to get a look at this before Dallas
  3. Thank you. We appreciate the support!
  4. We like to set our expectations high. Due to the fact that in our previous two events we have increased our placing and we are now sitting right outside of the Top 16 placings this is what we are looking to achieve. We had the chance to place Top 12 and then Top 16 at Columbus this year and we did not win either of those matches. So overall we are looking to get that Top 16 placing and then solidify ourselves as some of the top competitors.
  5. To be completely honest as a full team we have not done very much to prepare for Halo 4. One of the biggest reasons for that is because fragthat has been away since he joined the Marines. He just got back home yesterday so we will probably look to play some reach just to get back in the swing of things. When it comes to improvement I feel that the biggest thing we need to improve on is executing at events. We have done well at the previous events but when we get to the matches against the top level teams we tend not to preform our best. This is something I feel comes with experience and after being there twice this is something we are looking to overcome in the upcoming season.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Haha that's exactly it. But I would have to say that one of the biggest things is that we all are great friends and get along so well. It makes the game a lot more enjoyable when you are playing with you have fun with and when you're having a good time it seems as though you'll perform better. That along with countless hours of playing is how we have reached the level we are at now.
  8. What's up everyone? Even though this is our second time being sponsored by vVv, there may be some questions that you may have for us. So i'm making this thread so that if anyone has any type of question for any of the players you can go ahead and leave it here and we'll get you some answers. It doesn't have to be gaming related either any question is fine, so go ahead and fire away!
  9. Just watched it, must say it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Definitely looking forward to the next parts that are going to be coming out to see where this goes!
  10. Everything is going great thanks for asking. That sucks about you account being locked but hopefully you can get that all worked out soon. I applaud your effort to keep gaming though.
  11. Can't wait! Only 1 more month to go!
  12. Great to see another team looking to join vVv! Well have to set something up sometime so we can scrim some! Preferably when Halo 4 gets rolling!
  13. Nice to see you apply! Hit me up sometime when you are looking to play and let me know when you are streaming!
  14. Pretty pumped about this hopefully we will get a sell out event!
  15. Dat Gameplay*