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  1. Hotagi

    lulu patch notes

    That new item sounds like it can be a lot of fun with Dr. Mundo ;D
  2. Hotagi

    Failure to load O.o

    It wouldn't be your network. Try what this guy said ^ and if that doesn't work, its probably your xbox scanner if its happening for two games.
  3. Hotagi

    Official vVv Halo Community Night Thread

    Halo 3 sounds pretty good
  4. Hotagi

    Halo Reach Tips

    FFA is really a great place to start. There is a reason that most pro players were big FFA players .
  5. Hotagi

    Halo 4 Pictures Released!

    Bumping with video's and scary info... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6UL63Zo-uo&feature=player_embedded http://venturebeat.c...d-about-halo-4/ So far do not want.
  6. Hotagi

    Hotagi's Reach Application

    I love all our Halo vVv guys so far, they are awesome especially this guy right here vvvvvv Shift it was awesome playing with you during our Halo GCN My heart is warmed, Love you bro <3
  7. Hotagi

    Official vVv Halo Community Night Thread

    This guy . Your just not allowed to be on my team .
  8. Hotagi

    Official vVv Halo Community Night Thread

    Last night was a lot of fun but of course the team I was on always won It is because Andy is a beast!. Also when Tyler brought in Kampy and Hoaxer for the last FFA, it was pretty awesome.
  9. Hotagi

    Epic comeback

    Nice job man !
  10. Hotagi

    Lets start the Halo 4 Hype!

    What seems it seems like from the brief twitter posts (before Microsoft shuts them down) is that yes, there will be gameplay !
  11. Hotagi

    Concerning vVv

    Wait Andy you were there? Me and Phlo have been doubles partners for a long time and we were on the same team.
  12. Hotagi

    Concerning vVv

    You need and pic of yourself and to fill out the rest of your bio in your profile. Other then that great stuff. Phlosio hmm wonder why that sounds so familiar .
  13. Hotagi

    Halo 4 Burst Fire vs Single shot

    Lol didn't mean it offensively, just some Halo talk. Or more like FPS talk. Even the commentators say it during event's "This kid is good/That kid is on fire". Also its been around before eSports in sports like Basketball/Football/Baseball. It doesn't mean your immature etc. etc. It is just something that has been said since the beginning.
  14. Hotagi

    Lets start the Halo 4 Hype!

    Well Cyren posted this image on MLG and I thought a lot of you might be interested to know that both Gameplay and Multiplayer was shown yesterday and will be revealed Monday. So did this make you want Monday to come faster? The story of Halo 4 will be focused less on the Halo series' traditional straightforward first person shooter genre, instead relying more on mystery, exploration and discovery. Developers described the game as being grand in scope and scale. Forerunner elements will be featured extensively in the game's environment. Developers also suggested that the game will reveal how humanity and the UNSC have adapted to the galaxy after the end of their war with the Convenant, particularly how they have co-opted Forerunner technology.