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  1. I think that the type 95 is better because of the rate of fire and that It's close to the same power as the m16.
  2. These were great lol
  3. <3
  4. COKE is the best
  5. Good luck guys! I hope you get it:)
  6. My twitter is http://twitter.com/faze_lc
  7. I followed vVv during Columbus you can ask my team I was always talking about ability and I looked for the Starcraft players on streams I followed and supported them but I didn't tweet about it although I did spread the word through my friends!
  8. I hate how people say we didn't play any good teams I bet not very many people heard of the team that knocked out envyus, we didn't play any known teams but we did play good ones.
  9. We were told our application would be reevaluated after you saw how we would place in frag cup, how long till we can get an answer on if we're in or not? Just wondering.
  10. I was on NOX before jhop therefore I am king
  11. thanks man we're trying our best to make it happen!
  12. good luck finding a team my dude!
  13. hey man! i hope you enjoy the community as much as i am!