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  1. At the Art theatre in Hobart seeing the Lorax with Carrie, Olivia, Sierra, Savannah, and Danielle. This is Olivia's first movie theater experience.

  2. Listen up Liv is selling cookie dough for daycare, So who wants some???

  3. Who the hell drives a Jaguar with a Papa Johns Delivery sign on top.

  4. Mass Effect 3 descends from space, gets stuck in a tree | Games Blog - Yahoo! Games http://t.co/xWmyA23G

  5. I love the fact that if you contract to keep subscribing to Warcraft for the year then you get Diablo 3 free.
  6. I bought RE4 on XBL and started to play that again after playing it on the Gamecube. Love that game.
  7. I loved the marketing of shooting copies of ME3 into space and then having gamers track down the copies to keep. Very clever and cool idea.
  8. I saw the movie it was EPIC!! They did an amazing job with the movie and it was very true to life to the Military. The plot was excellent and the action was off the hook. GO SEE IT>
  9. I just beat Jaimie by 69 points! Think you can beat me? #GamesWithFriends http://t.co/xE6Z7vWK

  10. I just beat Jaimie by 137 points! Think you can beat me? #GamesWithFriends http://t.co/xE6Z7vWK

  11. I just beat Scottie by 77 points! Think you can beat me? #GamesWithFriends http://t.co/xE6Z7vWK

  12. Just saw #ActofValor and it was one of the best movies I've ever seen.

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