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  1. Hey guys, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and I wanted to make this post to clear everything up for everyone and to let yal know the reasons behind my decision to step down as a member of the Aspire Team. As a Jr. at my school I am required to start working on my graduate thesis by conducting an experiment and getting the results published. Outside of this I am also takeing a pretty heavy class load. For the time school has been in session, I have been putting Aspire and starcraft first and my grades have been suffering greatly because of it. I have been scrambleing to try to salvage my semester and I do no believe I have the time needed to give the dedication and commitment that this team team what it really deserves. I would also be lieing if I said that frustration towards WoL was entirely not a part of this in some way. I had been trying to fool myself that I could keep both class and starcraft going for awhile. But, It finaly occured to me when I apologised for being late to practice one day and, one of my teammates relayed that they had gotten accustomed to my absences. I feel that this shows that it is not only myself who feels like I can no longer be deserving of this spot but others aswell. There are many people trying to fight for a spot within the Aspire Team, because of how awesome a team and how great a community we have managed to make with one another. I want the best for Aspire and I believe that another player can fill my shoes better then I have been able to as of late. I wanna let you guys know I love every damn one of ya! I have no intention of leaveing vVv or starcraft as a whole. I'm sure I will be seeing you guys online and if any of ya need anything or ever want to hang out or practice just ask! Hopefully by the end of this simester my schdule will open up abit next simester and I can fight to get my spot back within the team I've grown to love! Keep kicking ass and takeing names! <(*-*<) <(*-*)> (>*-*)>!!~~
  2. Hey guys, Check out this link. most of it is just his personal settings but some important things to note for consistance is the Registry Edit program to remove mouse acceleration. This will make your mouse much more consitant once you get use to it. Also at the very bottom there are 2 things to add to and 2 things to change in your Variables.txt doc in your sc2 folder to make it easyer to see cloaked units as well as cap your frames so your computer isnt freaking out . I sujest giveing it a quick read and seeing what ya feel. http://www.team-dignitas.net/articles/blogs/Starcraft-II/2255/Starcraft-2-Settings-How-to-get-an-edge-before-the-game-starts/
  3. Hey guys, I'd like to start this post by saying that I love you guys and this team has become a great place for people to improve and become close in a good learning environment. I hope that this does not rub people the wrong way but, I'm sure people will have gripes with what I am about to say. I am not talking about any once person in general but the group as a whole. The way we have been going about team leagues is 100% wrong. It has been the most unorganized shit show I have ever seen come out of Aspire. We have multiple people trying to make decisions and so far almost everyone has proceeded with the assumption that they know best. People feel they are in tilted to make decisions that they do not actually have any authority to make. Because of this people are stepping on each others toes and some are getting very disheartened. Just sitting in the mumble channel for me during our team leagues has become a chore because of people talking over one another, and everyone trying to add their own two cents. I feel like in order for this to not come crashing to a horrible conclusion. We must make team leagues more organized. We all know and love Babytoss. But babytoss's greatest asset and flaw is she is caring to the point of accommodating everyone. Because of this other people are stepping on her toes and trying to make decisions that should rest in her hands or in 1 person she delegates the power to. I believe we must have some rolls set and positions within our organization filled. 1. TeamLeague Coach = This persons job would entail picking the order players will be played in. This persons decision during team games should be law. If players have a problem with it they bring it up with the Coach and babytoss in a skype call AFTER the team league is done for that day. Coaches have a high amount of responsibility during the game and to keep it fair the person deciding the order of players should most defiantly not be aloud to play. That is a players roll. If you were not recruited to the team under the pretext of being a player why do you feel in titled to try to take players spots especially when not all players have played. 2. TeamLeague Manager= This persons job would entail finding new leagues for us to participate in. He would also work as the delegation between us and the other teams in the league in order to set up times and days when matches would be played. As well as the coach the Managers job is to do just that. Manager's should not be expected to or requesting to play. That is a players roll. You do not see Anna Proser walking up to Geoff and saying, "Dude put me in I got this" or yanking the keyboard away from Idra as he gets ready to get in the booth. If you were not recruited to the team under the pretext of being a player why do you feel in titled to try to take players spots especially when not all players have played. Both team league coach and manager must have fairly open schedules in order to make it to matches. If they cannot attend a match they would select another individual to handle their responsibility for that match. For the Coach they must inform the temporary coach 24 hours prior to the event. For the Manager they must at least 48 hours prior to the event so that the temporary manager has ample time to find info and set up the match properly. 3. Players = This roll is already defined within our organization so this would seem fairly easy. Players must have 1 roll and 1 roll only. Concentrate on watching the games "If spectators are aloud" if not they must be playing practice games until they are called up so that they can be in top shape for their game. Players responsibility do not encompass decisions about the league, order, or strategy. Leave this to people who's job it is. You cannot play your best if your trying to be to concerned on order. Starcraft is already a lot to take in. If the Coach asks you a question about how your feeling or about your match ups, Give him the information he inquired about. Do not give him meta game suggestions of how you think things should be done unless asked for. 4. Caster= Squall you duh boss keep doing what your doing friend. 5. Method Selection for players playing in a team league. = vVv is a learning organization, but we are also a competitive team. I believe the best way to do the team leagues is where playing in them is a reward system. We all wish to play, this is a driving factor. We should harness this and Hold a once every 2 weeks In house tourney. During the two weeks players have 2 days to play a best of 3 vs their opponent and post the results on a bracket. This way it guarantees that by the end of the 2 weeks we have the ranking of all players in this double elim tourney. The top however many players are needed for the tournie are the players. No exceptions unless someone can not make it and then his spot goes down the list to the next highest rated player. This is a fair way to put our best players in. This also gives people good practice between each other, as well as more tourney experience. This also gives everyone a fair opportunity at a spot in the tourney. If you practice hard you will be able to play in the tourney eventually. It rewards hard work. What I have posted here is simply a guideline. Babytoss can decide if she likes it or if it needs tweaking or even if she doesn't want it at all on her own without others input. She is too kind and forgets sometimes that she is our leader and the decision is hers. No one will ever 100% agree on a system like this and everyone doesn't have to agree with it. They just have to respect it. There is one thing I can tell you now for sure, The current system we are using is not working and it is a ticking time bomb till someone freaks out or problems have been had.
  4. damn i feel bad for you ein... you got beat out of teh Interwebz by Tuffs grandpappy by 6 whole months... I think the hot steaming cup of fail which your life as a Ethug has devolved into is pretty apparent so im just here to offer my condolences and to point fingers and laugh!!1 HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA SOOOOOOO BAD!!!
  5. I'll deffently be there hopefuly so will my new keyboard! Also just incase its not who wants to practice with me all day tomorrow so that I can for sure get use to this keyboard so I don't play bad?!?!
  6. It's a shame jerry wont be coming but, looks like it will be a baller time none the less!
  7. Virulent

    Let's talk peer reviews

    Where can we find our score? Wanted to know what others believe I need improvement on.
  8. Welcome buddy, Good to have ya!
  9. Hey guys, with MLG only like 9 or 10 days away, who do I get the pleasure of getting shmamered with? I'm getting pumped to chill with some of my vVverry good friends irl. Also on a side note... Jerry you better be there lawl havn't got to talk to your ass in awhile man!
  10. Hey man, I feel your pain... I'd be lieing if I said this was the most rude one I've ever seen. I think once I got. "Are you real vVv or just a doucebag tryhard fanboy?" I replyed, " Im vVv just not a sponsered player" he replyed, " your diamond your Trash wtf is vVv doing YOUR NOT GOOD"......
  11. ^^ This... Good idea. Also a good way for the Coaches to get involved more in the people they coach. While helping with things we dont even notice were doing wrong. Everyone plays and learned there race differently. Some things i do in my sleep like its no problem while other things other players do really really well that I dont even recognize and could help us improve. Also It would be good to get all the zergs together so that we could laugh at the other races and discuss how op we are while still finding things to whine about so people still think we're underpowered
  12. Virulent

    Congrats Virulent!

    Thanks everyone for all your support. Yal are str8 badasses and I love ya. P.S. Fearfull... Think i Owned you in Micro tournie the other day... Come at me bro !! Rematch anytime
  13. Virulent

    Application for Einherjar

    I approve this dude... known him for a long long time. He really loves sc2. He does play Terran but, over time im sure you guys could come to accept him for his faults as well as his benefits. This kid is pretty baller all around.
  14. You gotta do it like this!!! Everyone Start practicing for the vVv Remake!!!