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John Russell

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  • Full Name John Russell
  • Gender Male
  • Location North Carolina
  • Alias Kuraidaemon
  • Favorite Games SW:TOR, Battlefield 3, Dead Space, Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Caliber, Rockband
  • Favorite Foods Caffine.
  • Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Nearly any thing Kevin Smith made (Zac and Miri FTW!)
  • Favorite Music KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, All That Remains, Avenged Sevenfold, Chevelle, Ra, Disturbed, Bullet for My Valentine, Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown, As I Lay Dying, Shadows Fall, Trivium, Paramore (yeah i know but i said it), breaking Benjamin...you get the idea i like the guitars dammit!
  • Interests Gaming of all kinds console/pc/mobile.<br /> Sci-fi/fantasy media (books, movies, collectables)
    Asian anything.
    Repairing whatever my kids have destroyed today.

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  • Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000325089501
  1. Need help on madness build

    Blazek Do you have any thoughts on a sith assasin build, PVE oriented? Started an Alt and don't really see a lot of them though I have had my arse handed to me by them out in game. Thinking Deception at the moment.
  2. Introduction KURAIDAEMON

    Thanks for the info Xeno! Sounds like a plan to me.
  3. KuraiStats2

    From the album Kuraidaemon

  4. Kuraidaemon

    From the album Kuraidaemon

  5. Getting ready for endgame

  6. Xenocide's Marauder/Sentinel Guide

    Hey guys, I know that the primary focus of this article was based on PVP but i was wondering: If as you say that a Carnage build could on a target with high HP (flashpoint/operations bosses) possibly do more damage than the annihilation spec, then would you say then that it would be a viable spec for someone who is PVE focused in the end game versus rage? Also initially i was fitting my maruader with crit stat gear ... but after a converstion with lordjerith early on ... replaced all crit with power for a more consistant damage vs burst damage (again it favored PVE as i saw it) What kind of bearing do you think this would have on spec? Or is power the universally agreed on stat for maruaders? http://db.darthhater...0fe2fe4f6ef4df8
  7. Hello everyone, Just doing a little intro before i started poking around and asking questions on everyones posts. Now for some name droping... I was introduced to vVv by Abadman (who i've known since junior high...20 yrs) since i've been waiting for SW:TOR like everyone else for 2 years and since he had nothing but good things to say i thought i'd give it a shot...though previous WoW guild experiances were less than favorable. Few Things: 1. This is my FIRST PVP SERVER (feel free to groan ) PVP NEWB here, you have been warned. 2. I'm Married with full time job and 3 Kids, schedules are good things for me so i'm primarily hoping to contribute to the guild in a PVE capacity (see again PVP server XP) aka raid, operations, daily grinds, bank filler (when they roll out). Though I hope to pick up some PVP knowledge while here. 3. I WELCOME any advice on gear, stats, or any other attibutes that could lend to my character being more effective. I'm currently playing a lvl 48 marauder with a Caranage build (I know Xenocide..i just read your build guide ..wish i had sooner.) I have had no problems with the caranage spec leveling within the PVE realm (i have done 0 warzones), and as blazek pointed out, i am one who actually enjoys playing that spec. But i have had my arse kicked 3 times by level 50 republic equivalent assasins and once, to my shame, a sorceror. 4. 400 on Artifice/Treasure/Archeology...I've read up on the rediculous process of Magneta crystal making and would like to know who is the guildie with the schematic to construct these and i know you have raid schedules but do you have any times set up for world bosses, or Epic material quests such as the one required to secure Schematics and materials for the Magenta crystals. Pretty much SWTOR has taken up my gaming free time for the past few weeks and looks to for the forseeable future so i hope to see you out there and agian welcome any advice/critiques Thanks SW:TOR - KURAIDAEMON lvl 48 Maruader
  8. Welcome to the forums John Russell :)