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  1. http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/11xd99/hey_im_voyboy_and_i_just_got_benched_ama/ when will hottshot learn he is the worst player on his team and benching ppl so he can keep switching roles isnt going to help them win Season 3. GG
  2. Cosby

    Sounds pretty sick

  3. Cosby

    Sounds pretty sick

    http://na.leagueofle...-queen-revealed Sounds like she is going to be alot of fun
  4. Cosby

    GG Riot Fails again

    im not saying balancing things is not ok. its just riot never seems to know how to balance things correctly they either buff something to shit then nerf for the next 4 patches or they nerf something and have to buff it back up. they do it with every champion they try to "Remake" or with champs they create.
  5. Cosby

    GG Riot Fails again

    there are a hell of alot more champs who use DFG then just veigar lol. Eve is the main one. also lux, diana, ahri, Kat are just a few
  6. Cosby

    GG Riot Fails again

    ill remember for next time friend, but there are ways to "balance" an item without making it complete shit, such as Droping the % Health to 20% and putting the CDR at 10% . then seeing how that goes and if it still OP then u can nerf it again.. the way they went about it was dumb.
  7. Cosby

    GG Riot Fails again

    next time ill put " The Great and Almighty Riot does not do a good job on nerfing this item" is that better for u..Dont want to hurt ppls feelings
  8. Cosby

    GG Riot Fails again

    http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/11ojot/dfg_25_base_to_15_base_15_cdr_completely_removed/ How to turn ruin an item-101 with riot. soo bad
  9. Cosby


    yea we saw the whole TPA team buying wards during the finals at one point all of them backed and bought 2 wards a piece.. its how the game should be played but u cant expect that same teamwork in solo Q.
  10. Cosby


    i always buy 2 wards if im mid and one pink if im top.. sometimes ill buy one if im AD carry if my support needs a item but if im jungle if u refuse to ward im not warding for u.. if u cant afford to i will
  11. Cosby


    not sure if its gonna make them to much money since u can buy them with IP
  12. every game has the same issue with ppl saying "X isnt as good as Y so why play X" its just how video games work. and to the point of the world championship's i think 60-70% of the champs were used or banned soo thats not that bad when u think about it.
  13. who said anything about pre-remake eve lol im talking about the champs out now and karma is viable in certain team comps. its not that champs are bad its that they only fit with certain comps and not many ppl feel like the fact that a champ can only work in 1-2 setups is a good thing
  14. every champ is viable just gotta find the right team comp for that champ its hard to do but it can be done.