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    New Orleans, LA
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    Mortal Kombat 9, Gears of War 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops,Super Street Fighter 4, Skull Girls and BlazBlue :)
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    Pizza Hot Pockets and Pizza rolls (:
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    Sweeny Todd, The Demon Barber on 4th Street and The Watchmen.
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    Screamo, Rock, Rap/Hip-Hop an Dubstep
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    Playing video games, Art and Designs, hanging out with friends and just being myself :)
  1. FTK_xMileena

    Name Change

    Thanks Medusa!
  2. FTK_xMileena

    Name Change

    I would like my username and login to be FTK_xMileena, please. That is now my new handle on all systems.
  3. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    No, sir. I understand you perfectly.
  4. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    Just make it out to tournaments. Place high and do my best Thanks
  5. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    Woops lol thanks for reminding me
  6. FTK_xMileena

    The Stick I'm Getting

  7. FTK_xMileena

    xiViET's LoL Application

    Good luck on your app!
  8. Lol.... My Kabal is getting so good it's ridiculous. Flawlessing people over and over. Let's see what I can make happen at my first tournament ;)

  9. FTK_xMileena

    The Stick I'm Getting

    This is the stick I plan on getting. Dual-modded. Your thoughts?
  10. FTK_xMileena


    Wireless. I like my mobility an not knocking down my Xbox/PS3 when I rage.
  11. FTK_xMileena

    Go the f*** to sleep - Samuel L Jackson

    I just woke up. Does this mean I have to go back to sleep?
  12. FTK_xMileena

    Favorite MK game

    Pretty much. Besides the stance/weapon switching, those two games are very similar.
  13. FTK_xMileena

    Custom Hitbox for vVv REO

    REO and his Hitbox is OP.
  14. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    Lmao Can't wait, Zeph
  15. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    Fortunately both!