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    Frederic B.

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    Frédéric Bonneville
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    Canada, Qc
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    Call Of Duty, Halo, Gears Of Wars, FPS
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    Chiken, Beef, Fish, Rice, Potatoes.
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    Pain and Gain
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    Gaming, Training, Eating, Sleeping
  1. fredyboy41

    When you see it...

    So impatient to attempt my first ever event !
  2. fredyboy41

    Quarterfinals - vVv Paradise Vs. Dominick

    Nice pic paradise !! You probaly win against thos guy cuz you won the tourny lol !
  3. fredyboy41

    Hypefestation 2 Experience and Thoughts

    Lol wish I could be there I watched the lice stream and it was soooo nice to wathc !