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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Solomon Jackson
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    Vicksburg, Mississippi
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    Gears of War 3
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    chinnese food
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    Gears of War3, Hanging with friends, playing basketballs, playing football;)
  1. Good Luck
  2. If anybody can tell me what the map pack is going to have for the last season pass map pack and characters I think?
  3. Good luck and hit me up if you want to play some time i like playing with other apps gt Explosive nXs
  4. Will do Arkaint i will try my best to get on here everyday and post and LJ i did what you asked.
  5. look it up on youtube thats what i did
  6. isnt the next dlc in March
  7. I will play with you when ever i get on later
  8. Explosive nXs
  9. yes
  10. Lancer/Gnasher for competitive
  11. I will play with you add me Explosive nXs
  12. I will play with you add me Explosive nXs