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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

      TeamSpeak 3 Guide
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      Server address: ts65.gameservers.com:9222
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  • Full Name John W Warner
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  • Favorite Games League of Legends, Smite, DOTA 2. Basically nonHON MOBAs.
  • Favorite Foods Pasta, Lamb, Pizza, Chicken, Jambalaya, Burgers, and just about any other food you can think of.
  • Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Princess Mononoke, V for Vendetta, Silence of the Lambs,
  • Favorite Music Mostly hard rock and metal ( A7X, Atreyu, Evanescence, All that Remains, Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine, Disturbed, Metallica, etc.)
  • Interests vVv Gaming
    League of Legends
    Computer Engineering
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    Table top Gaming
  1. Bought Halo 4, and I actually like it a lot!

    1. Th0r


      No Black Ops 2? :o

  2. I wish it was a vacation

    I'll do my best. Thank you for all the support! It's true though..
  3. I wish it was a vacation

    For the first few weeks of college, I was still in a summer mood and somewhat neglected my classes to stay online longer. Naturally, my grades aren't up to my standards at this point in time, so I'll be inactive for a couple of weeks. (Now-November 17 or so) I'll still be getting on from time to time to play a couple of games, but I'm playing catch up right now with my classes. Once I've caught back up with my academics, I plan to start taking my extra time and putting it towards vVv once again. vVv Torment
  4. Prefer to sign up as a caster New headset coming in!
  5. eSports Casting, an Underrated Art.

    I am also very impressed by this. I'm getting pretty interested in going into casting for League of Legends, and I found this very helpful. Thanks for posting!
  6. League of Legends Division Update - 10/10/12

    You've been doing very well Paradise, and I don't think anyone could be better for the job. Even before you were assigned the manager position, I specifically thought to myself that you SHOULD be the manager. If I have any issues with how the division is going, I'll be sure to let you know. Now that we have these new programs coming in, I'm really interested to see how it goes!
  7. Scheduled vVv In-Houses

    Aside from scheduled in-houses, we still do randomly start them during the week if we have enough people. It's all about being on at the right time. They are usually in the evening if that helps.
  8. Season 2 Closing

    There you go anax! Rooting for you My plan is to go from 1050 elo to 1500. I'm already at 1255. Half way there
  9. League of Legends Town Hall Meeting!

    ikr? Anyway, I'll be there too. Looking forward to it
  10. It was a good read. Unfortunately, I didn't really learn anything, but it confirmed some things I was unsure of.
  11. Your favorite "goofy" champs/builds

    AP PONY!!!! (Hecarim) DFG into deathcap with a lichbane. (Then any items needed for the game defensive or more ap) This sounds absolutely horrible, but if you run it against an unconventional mid, then it works perfectly. The ganks are very strong and the build is created for the soul purpose of killing the ad carry in a team fight immediately.
  12. Congrats guys, welcome to vVv. Do us proud!
  13. Free Coaching

    Much better
  14. I think it's pretty good, but it had a lot of signs that showed it was done my an amateur. I'll be interested to see what you come up with from Robz and Paradise.