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  1. http://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/tdu1t/okay_lets_address_these_issues_with_some_maturity/ This is a serious matter that I wanted to stress even more than it has been already.
  2. Sick changes.. Sucks that I bought a EU account already though. >.> Play on the KR server is going to be sick as hell though! Blizzard showed that they care by addressing all of the other issues. Makes me glad to know that one gaming company still cares about its players and fans!
  3. Twitter.com/vVvMuDShoT Twitch.tv/zSuperStorm Love you all!
  4. I mean, theoretically.. No, I don't think it's fair for them to take 15%. However, we have the ability to make money off playing a game.. Maybe even big bucks, so in a sense it's fair as well. I think overall we're going to be able to make money off a game we're having fun with, so you can't really complain, can you? Oh, and with the spam bots.. OH YAAAA, they're going to be more annoying than ever. But I think blizzard has gotten better at addressing and fixing these kinds of problems. Who knows? Could be about the same as it was in D2, could be worse, and it could be better. Depends on like I said, how blizzard handles it. I'm excited for diablo 3 no matter what. Been playing hardcore since Diablo 1!
  5. Wait.. what?
  6. Interesting win..
  7. I always over achieve...
  8. You only got GM because I wished you good luck. Just saying, I deserve like 10,000 thank you's.
  9. Hi, just coming on here to say I'm streaming ranked solo que or playing with my team. Streaming at 720p with a webcam and mic. Come watch! Twitch.tv/zSuperStorm twitter.com/vVvMuDShoT
  10. Nice
  11. Good luck bud, hope you get back on!
  12. Blaze I miss you buddy, going to start playing starcraft a lot more! We better game hard, and you better get GM this season. Good luck on your app still, I want you on pretty badly.
  13. Welcome, stay active! Also, if you ever want to play some practice games hit me up! vVvWarrior.110 Masters protoss.
  14. Never got it! I wanted to awhile ago.