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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Brendan Arzola
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    CoD Black Ops
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    Scary movie One
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    System of the Down
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    Video games running obj living life to the fulliest
  1. T2eecko

    T2eecko vVv Gaming Application

    Ya thats cool and thanks talent
  2. T2eecko

    T2eecko vVv Gaming Application

    6.5 slow and steady I like the way its moving not to slow not to fast. Its better then fast and burn out fasts. No but i would like to get into contact with other menbers of vVv on Xbox
  3. T2eecko

    CrossFire app..

    Sorry I wasnt trying to attack him but i saw some ? that were not fulled out to the fullest. That is why I said half fast it. It was lack of words but I wasnt trying to be harsh on his or attack him
  4. T2eecko

    CrossFire app..

    can u put some effort into your app not half fast it.
  5. T2eecko


    Good luck on your app fix it up and u should be fine stay active
  6. T2eecko

    FREDDYPlayer application

    Good luck on your app
  7. T2eecko

    T2eecko vVv Gaming Application

    Yes I have a dazzle and I have both system I could swicth at any time. If u would like to see some of my gameplay I could rec. It
  8. T2eecko

    T2eecko vVv Gaming Application

    thanks and ill will
  9. T2eecko

    AR5ENiiC's Application

    Good Luck on your app wish u the best of luck
  10. T2eecko

    GamePlayys Application

    Good Luck with your app
  11. T2eecko

    T2eecko vVv Gaming Application

    by showing how vVv is a commuity not no team that cares for themself by showing how vVv stay active on the forms not but a form post in so I would show how vVv is an active commuity that cares for you and not themselfs
  12. T2eecko

    Winter - vVv Application

    Wish u the best of luck with every thing
  13. T2eecko

    x Punusher x's Application

    Good luck
  14. T2eecko

    KakarotKY's Halo Application (moved from MW3)

    Good luck on yor app I would add u but im ps3
  15. T2eecko

    T2eecko vVv Gaming Application

    Ok I will and thanks and Facebook name