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    Lewis Feliz
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    Long Island, NY
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    Just STON3R
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    GoW 1-3
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    Everything besides Indian and Kosher food.
  1. I can see hardly anybody posts here anymore :/
  2. Welcome to vVv
  3. Gears isn't dead. I mean, at least not yet.
  4. Hey Brent! Nice to meet you buddy! And welcome to vVv.
  5. Well, I'm not sure if you're new but, hi and welcome?
  6. has this been locked?
  7. Amazing introduction. Welcome to vVv Gaming !
  8. Welcome to vVv Gaming !
  9. Still didnt meet you lol. Add "Saosin 2" when you get the chance.
  10. Welcome to vVv Gaming !
  11. f/a for gow3, hmu.

  12. Understood.
  13. Welcome to vVv Gaming !
  14. Welcome to vVv Gaming ! Looking forward to meeting you dude.
  15. Not a big supporter of this dude...