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  1. Regards

    lulu patch notes

    Only two questions I have from the patch notes: 1) Is Rammus still an insta-ban and 2) Is the new Jax ulti going to help him be any more viable? Thoughts?
  2. Regards

    New Champion?

    Sounds like the new support will be out soon.
  3. Regards

    New Champion?

    If they haven't presented a preview, then it's safe to say it won't be this week. Are we already due for another one? Meh, let it rest a bit, there were a lot of things going on this past weekend (GCD, Hannover etc), that I'm sure they didn't have the time.
  4. CLG put out a great showing.
  5. Regards

    Epic comeback

    Pretty sure anaxabro is over 2.1k, for those naysayers in the thread Seriously though, awesome stuff. Games like that are what makes this game so fun.
  6. Regards

    FIora Patch

    Fizz needed something for his laning phase, otherwise he was too easy to harass out of the rest of the game. I'm pretty stoked to give Olaf a try again... my Brolaf skin has been collecting dust
  7. Regards

    Ranking Ad Carries

    Trist > Kog, especially in soloQ. I think with AD carries it really depends if you're solo or with a team, because AD Carries like Kog are hard to play well in SoloQ, but are great in premade comps.
  8. Regards

    Fiora Patch

    Please don't take this offensively, but this is a gross misunderstanding of business, and Riot really as a whole. Champions aren't their main source of revenue, players are. I want you to think about that for a second. Are champions one of the ways they make money? Sure. There's many other (Including things outside of game) that bring in revenue for Riot. Why was Magma Chamber scraped? Because it would have had Dominion syndrome. Would have been totally awesome for a couple weeks and people would have gone back to Summoners Rift. People play MoBA games for their mechanics and game style, not for their maps. The game is hard enough to balance with the maps we already have. I say continue to fine polish the game we have, make champions that offer new mechanics/play style/team comps, and continue to develope your eSport <---- All of which Riot is doing. I don't mean to "white knight" or anything, but I honestly believe that Riot is doing one of the best jobs we've seen ever as a game developer.
  9. Regards

    vVv in Go4LoL #51 (Rounds 3 + 4 VoD's)

    Well that's not cool at all . I'll make sure to always plug the stream link when I'm casting vVv in the vVv League chat channel, otherwise the link can always be found on my twitter if you have one. I know it was working though... Sorry man.
  10. Regards

    vVv in Go4LoL #51 (Rounds 3 + 4 VoD's)

    You're absolutely right! I just watched it back over and we completely missed that. They ended up winning either way, so I'm not really sure him even going in for the steal was worth it
  11. Regards


    It's not that Yi isn't necessarily "not viable", it's that the only ounce of viability he has is in the jungle, and part of that needs to be counterjungling, which is hard for an early level summoner.
  12. Hey guys, I got to cast a few more games here for vVv and I figured you may be interested to see them if you didn't get to catch them this weekend. vVv VS Herman Cain Is America vVv VS TwoMin -Regards (PS: If these clutter the forums, or any of the admins want me to stop posting them up let me know. Otherwise I figure because they're vVv related it's all gravy.)
  13. Regards

    New Kid on the Block

    I thought this was going to be a thread about New Kids On The Block... I was disappointed.
  14. Regards

    music you listen to while playing LoL

    Bastion soundtrack is pretty awesome to play to.
  15. Support Volibear can be beast mode as well. The fling + slow, especially with a bit of a change in sustain supports into aggressive supports like Nunu, it makes a bit of sense.