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Good Eatz

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    I need to post more!
  • Birthday 11/30/1993

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    Brandon Clifton
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    Good Eatz
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    Halo Reach, Guitar Hero, Left 4 Dead, and Call of Duty
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    Doritos Cool Ranch
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    Four Brothers, Lords of Dogtown
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    Metallica, Skrillex, 5FDP
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    Gaming, guitar, graphic design, family, friends, and girlfriend.
  1. Hey I see you got alot of people willing to help but im always here to help too buddy my gamertag is Good Eatz. Hit me up if you wanna play!
  2. Hello everyone at vVv Gaming!

  3. Thanks everyone! And I would add you but I currently dont have a PS3. Sorry man :/
  4. Hey everyone from the vVv Gaming Community! Im new here so ill tell you a little about myself. My names Brandon and I live in Ohio. Im 18 and a senior in high school. I've been gaming ever since I was a youngster and its my passion and I love it more than anything. My game of choice is Halo Reach and I've competed in tournaments and won a couple. I cannot wait to meet new people from this great gaming community and play with everyone! If you want to play some Halo please hit me up my gamertag is Good Eatz! Thanks everyone and this is going to be a great adventure!
  5. Welcome to the forums Good Eatz :)