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  1. Oh hey what's up, Second time I'm doing this cause I was stupid enough to "back" on my browser... I'm very familiar with After Effects and want to make some cool videos so if you have clips, want to make a spotlight with your commentary or have any other cool ideas let me know and I'd like to take a shot at it since I'm looking to improve. I don't have a good enough computer to record myself so Dropbox/Mediafire would be my preferred way to receive any clips if you are interested. Also if you have an idea be sure to let me know! I should be on mumble but if I'm not then add my Skype "AbyssalFilms" Thanks! Youtube: www.Youtube.com/TalentTheBoss
  2. Talent (Ex vVv)

    vVv Abyss (Talent)'s Application

    I've never been banned from the mumble server nor have I ever spammed, what probably happened was someone took my name and harassed others. Edit: My Mumble name is verified as "vVv_Talent" and I can't change it either.
  3. Talent (Ex vVv)

    vVv Abyss (Talent)'s Application

    First endorsement must be received by Monday, June 17th. Name: Andrew Wilson Age: 16 Location: Ontario, Canada Summoner Name: xiamtalentx What is your current division in Ranked? Bronze 5 Have you ever been banned in-game? If so, why? No What is your favorite champion and role? Why? My favourite role is probably top lane as I like being the bruiser/tank of the team while still being able to obtain CS making it much more fun than jungle. My favourite champion is Maokai, strong ganks and there is nothing like the feeling and jumping into the enemy team and dancing as they attempt to get me off their carries. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I was a previous member of vVv, I believe I originally heard about vVv when I used to play Call of Duty but can't quite remember the specifics. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? I've spoken to Rob in terms of business with editing Call of Duty videos however my interest in Call of Duty had completely deteriorated at the time where as I had taken an interest in photography instead. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I'm looking to improve my skill as a League of Legends player as well as meeting new people to enjoy my in-game time with, also I'm somewhat interested in making League of Legends videos as I am still a reasonably good editor and I'm in love with making content. In my previous time being in vVv I was really nervous when playing Starcraft 2 ladder and League of Legends ranked games really limiting my involvement with the games however what I did learn was how much fun gaming can be. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I do photography, hiking, longboarding, video editing and I'm interested in getting into motion graphics, creative advertising and other communication technologies. My Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/96543997@N07/with/8858274287/ Do you have competitive tournament experience? I have played in a few local Call of Duty LANs in which I did terribly. Have you attended any national events? NoWhat do you hope to achieve, competitively? As a player I really do feel like I want to play at a high level, specifically I want to be better than all of my friends and classmates however I have thought about going beyond that and really putting the time in to try to reach a competitive level.
  4. Talent (Ex vVv)

    Announcing vVv Call of Duty!

    Really looking forward to see what you guys do with cod!
  5. Talent (Ex vVv)

    vVvTalent's Resignation

    What's up everyone! I have just resigned from being a member of vVv Gaming. Through my experience with the community I have learned so much and owe so much more. The reason why I am resigning is thanks to vVv I was able to begin realizing what I can do in eSports and I was able to grow the maturity and social skills to move up with my career. Jergin, media manager of pro Call of Duty team apeX Takeover sent me a message one day asking if I had a team to edit for. Through some chatting and a lot of hard work I proved myself worthy to be on the team and began speaking to some of the top players in the game ex. Phizzurp and John. It was the articles that you guys wrote that really got me thinking and helped me realise what I needed to do with my passion for video games. In Black Ops 2 I have many more goals to work towards and I plan on accomplishing them with my team. Through joining apeX it pushes me further towards these goals allowing me to grow my audience and my name throughout the game. I will certainly still be around and be participating in the community as I have before however I have to represent my new team. I really look forward to getting involved with the community and helping some players once Black Ops 2 hits. You can add me on XBL: apeX ITalent Or Skype: TheZerkHQ Thanks for everything you guys have done and I can't wait for more experiences! -apeX Talent
  6. Talent (Ex vVv)

    itwitch vVv application

    Good luck on your app and remember to stay active on the forums!
  7. He really had me going for quite some time, the way he ended it was amazing yet hardly an applause. This guy deserves a medal
  8. Talent (Ex vVv)

    GoldenboyFTW Application

    Great application, I'm a huge fan of your casting, great to see you applying for vVv! Good luck!
  9. Talent (Ex vVv)

    Mindy's LoL Application.

    Good luck on your app! You must teach me the ways of escaping elo hell :<
  10. Talent (Ex vVv)

    Poll! What do you(we) play in sPvP?!

    I will most likely be a Greatsword Ranger, I'm going to have to wait for the beta weekend to know for sure though!
  11. Talent (Ex vVv)

    vVv Team breakdowns

    I love this system, it really brings out the competitive side of everyone! The people who are hungry for the Tier 1 spot and practice everyday will have a better chance, when you get lazy it will reflect on your in gameplay. -I'll see you all in game!
  12. Talent (Ex vVv)

    What music is in your head while you PvP?

  13. Talent (Ex vVv)

    Brief Guild Wars 2 Meeting this Sunday 8pm

    I will be attending!
  14. Talent (Ex vVv)

    GW2 beta keys available!

    Thanks so much for this! I really wanted to be sure I could run it before I pre-purchased the game and now I have a chance to ^.^
  15. Talent (Ex vVv)

    League of Legends Summoners Hall Meeting!

    I'm in here right now.., I love it, these meetings are always a place to come with an open mind and leave with a handful of knowledge, you always learn something!