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  • Birthday 08/04/1994

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    Alex Gonzalez
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    Orlando, FL
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    Struc I tureS
  • Favorite Games
    CoD, Kingdom Hearts, Rocksmith
  • Favorite Foods
    Pizza (New York born and raised)
  • Favorite Movies
    West Side Story
  • Favorite Music
    Tooooo many
  • Interests
    Gaming, communicating, making music, guitar, drums, making cool friends while doing the things i love to do!
  1. Welcome! Hope you're enjoying the site amigo.
  2. Add me bro! Struc I tures XBL
  3. Good Luck!
  4. my friend and i are playing bf3 but i have it set up on tungle as a phone call to my cell phone
  5. Thanks rage
  6. I wanna hear your thought s and opinion on this game. Wanna have a good conversation about it here! Start....NOW!
  7. thank you guys !
  8. thank you amigo!
  9. All I can do now is fuck it up! Haha
  10. Sorry bro had a performance with UCF percussion last night. Will do with the PM
  11. Yeah brotha. lol for sure.
  12. Haha yeah I got you Bizzy no rush
  13. Worry not Alex I am confident in my twitter and forum activity
  14. Yeaah thus is definitely where it belongs. Thanks bizzy
  15. Welcome that was the best intro I've seen repping 4OH7!!