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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

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  • Full Name Eddie Dalton
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  • Favorite Music Avenged Sevenfold
  • Interests Love gaming, everyday and all day. Im not cocky, but ive been told by MANY people that im beast at MW3. Besides gaming, DCI is my life
  1. Hello all

    welcome man. hope you enjoy the site
  2. M16 vs Type95

    i also perfer the type 95. i feel like you van get an advantage with it. you can get the pull quicker than an m16. the m16 is still a powerful gun to use.
  3. had fcat bootcamp today. wished my first bootcamp would of been for the military, but it was a reading bootcamp. now, home and ready to game.

  4. Hello everyone!

    glad to have you with us. your shirt is very stylish.
  5. back from school. time to game. love playing with vVv members!

  6. Modern Warfare 4?

    infinity ward has definitely crunched the time between the release of the CoD games. in terms of multiplayer, there are many things that still need to be fixed. in terms of the campaign, it ended way to quick and i feel as if they rushed the game. yes, the ending kill was intense, but it came up too quickly. who knows what infinity ward will do with the next game. i just hope they understand that they need to fix the problems they have now before they make another game.
  7. My introductions: B A L L I N

    glad to have you with us man.
  8. end of week. time to game. nuff said

  9. MW3 getting weak?

    i want to get a team going with structures
  10. Sup, everyone! :D

    nice to have you with us
  11. MW3 getting weak?

    MW3 still needs adjustments. if it gets better,hopefully it will be brought into the competitive world. also, i think we need to somehow get teams for CoD players within vVv. every member who plays CoD should be put on a team and at least have tournaments within vVv. From there, hopefully it will expand.
  12. starting an xbox live party for MW3. hit me up. vVv BLaCK0UT

  13. there is a game coming out in october called spec ops. watched the trailer and talk through of the game. i definitely want this. sounds like a fantastic game. also, i new medal of honor is coming out, also in october.Another Assassins creed game is coming out. i need to start saving.