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  1. TachyonXL

    HALO Intro

    im going to be livestreaming my work for the intro im making for the halo team @ www.twitch.tv/tachyonxl please stop by and check it out, give me feedback etc. or just talk to me. gets a bit lonely love ~ tach
  2. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    uhh originally i wanted to to do all i could to get better at sc2 and get into the vVv sc2 team but seeing how occupied the work at TT keeps me i think , yes i still want to participate, but i think i can only fufuill the roles as a community sc2 player. but the answer is yes i still want to, im going to try to balance everything out with this new job, still so much to do so i havent been able to interact with my twitter whatsoever or the vVv forums in general. to which i deeply apologise, they really need my help and i am dispensing all of my abilities to help them. i have 3-4 more big project to complete before i can really start to chill out, so if (with permission of course) i could take a 1 month leave from duty so i can solely focus on getting all the projects finished, when 1 month duration is over i will be back in force ( promise) but i just need some time because the loads are so heavy. i hope to hear from you soon ~ TT_Eclipse
  3. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    OH, im SO sorry i havent been on the forums other than this post and i havent used twitter in a month q.q ive been super busy with school. im trying to graduate early AND im working now as a sign spinner ( dont laugh , its a hella fun job and it pays REALLY well ) AND *sighs i got REALLY good scores on my air force test so i have qualified for 153 out of 160 jobs... i have ALOT to choose from and im doing tons of research on it =/ im going to TRY really hard to do my nightly duties and use twitter and the forums
  4. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    7pm? sounds freakin great dude cant wait to talk with you.
  5. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    hey spike, i check the forums daily but ive been a bit focused on life, and i dont really find twitter much of use other than a obscure marketing tool. but ill try to use it btw spike, i need some basic coaching o.O know anyone who can help? i got a 90% win rate in gold so im pat/ish i just need some mechanics help.
  6. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    sweet bro, timestamp for you ^ my time is currently 9:50 pm pst, so EVERY night from ABOUT 7pm-12am if you need a earlier time ill have to update you on the day , depends on hangin out with my girlfriend shes a skyrim addict so my time is preeeeety occupied XD
  7. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    apologies for my absence. in wake of my asvab test things have been hectic for me. and i am heading in as a cryptologic linguist if fate keeps its cards played. btw placed low gold in the new season and it has me fighting diamond players. and i havent lost 1 game yet in this season q.q the ladder hates me, truly.
  8. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    ok guys SOOOO sorry that ive been gone and kinda hard to get the past month but ive been studying HARDCORE and guess what, went down with my recruiter today for the air force, got escorted to the locak base, (escort was totallllly legit ) and took the asvab, i got 30 points above normal and om overqualified I GOT INTO THE AIR FORCE :DDD im garuenteed a position :DD FUCK YEAH IM SO EXCITED :DD and btw im getting that pic, totally spaced abt it sorry jerith, itll be up tommorow
  9. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    I GOT A PICTURE just need to upload it :3
  10. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    oh no i dont dissapear... its more of i go into periods of "study" where i participate with various community members and keep track of things but with very limited interaction. as right now im training for being a cryptological lingust for the air force so alot of my time is spent studying various class 2 ,3 and 4 languages etc. as for tweeting ... how do you "retweet? o.O
  11. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    on twitter? oh boy i forgot all about that x.x im not much of a twitter user , but i will try -epic sigh- FOR THE TEAM! will it be a problem if i go incongeto ever few weeks or so? i look at my stuff alot but lately ive been slammed with school. and a REAL picture... EHHHHH Q.Q this poses a challenge for me due to the fact that NOBODY like taking pictures of me for NO reason. im just kinda the child that nobody cares about but i SHALL TRY! hopefully theres some pictures of my from my birthday =/ AND if anyone wants to play with me , my sc2 ACCOUNTS... well crap i have 4 accounts Q.Q ill list my main but i kinda dont use it anymore due to MY FRIEND USED MY NAME CHANGE >.> to EGRorscach(248) (Vendettajosh@gmail.com /RealID) BeCAUSE i am good friends with several EG members -sigh* i get made fun of it ALOT so my torunament account is Ryazki but its just my derp account and UPDATING my ladder points im in total a est 900 point protoss on my razki account in platnum. but nobody shall see that account as it is my seceret
  12. TachyonXL

    Spit or Lube?

    wait... my friend today was talking about using... hand sanitizer... he was kidding but... oh my god... can you imagine that?? X.X
  13. TachyonXL

    TachyonXL's application.

    hey guys sorry ive been otherwise inactive on the froums and website. ive been really hammered with school and 2 graphics requests. im also waiting on my sponsors ram to get here seeing as im on 2 gigs of 400mhz ram x.x i can have starcraft and skype open at the same time so i apologise guys! one i get the ram ill be back in full force
  14. TachyonXL

    Why am I an Atheist?

    actually you can. your born. your entire family follows it. bam. born into it =/ up until the point you have free thought and the ability to deeply think for yourself.