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  • Birthday 01/12/1995

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  • Twitter www.twitter.com/tachyonxl
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  • Full Name Joshua Franklin Wiedeman
  • Gender Male
  • Location Magalia,CA
  • Alias EGRorschach.248
  • Stream Link www.twitch.tv/tachyonxl
  • Favorite Games Starcraft(series) ,Battlefield (series)
  • Favorite Foods spagetti,goulash,leberwurst
  • Favorite Movies The Illusionist
  • Favorite Music im not picky. usually something upbeat. usually rap and hip hop. but ill listen to anyhting :D
  • Interests My interests vary but my passions are computer building/design. graphical design and STARCRAFT 2
  1. HALO Intro

    im going to be livestreaming my work for the intro im making for the halo team @ www.twitch.tv/tachyonxl please stop by and check it out, give me feedback etc. or just talk to me. gets a bit lonely love ~ tach
  2. apple

    From the album Signatures

  3. Spit or Lube?

    wait... my friend today was talking about using... hand sanitizer... he was kidding but... oh my god... can you imagine that?? X.X
  4. Why am I an Atheist?

    actually you can. your born. your entire family follows it. bam. born into it =/ up until the point you have free thought and the ability to deeply think for yourself.
  5. Why am I an Atheist?

    umm. i was born catholic. i didnt read what anyones said so far so i am not baised by new information. allright. well god is a tough one for me. i believe in spirits, i believe that it is natrually possible for a existance such as ourselves to continue after death as a electromagnetic entity. as there are no physical rules against it. as the brain workes on really retarted wiring i believe it is fully possible for a said electromagneitc or even just a being of protons or such to periodically control a physical ( us) entity. thus posesssion. as we are natrually beings of light. this is the Bi- Photon particle emissions fact that nobody wants to know about. that we as humans actually emit a low frequency of light. pretty trippy but yeah its real .google it << uhh i believe the bible is bullshit. everyhting it states is EXACTLY want humans want in life. it sates our fear of death and promises everything we natrually want. thus i believe some ruler back in ye'olde days wrote it to control is peasants more. i can go into my theories much deeper here but meh. it is scientifically impossible to create matter from nothing. it violates the laws of equal exchange in every right. also heres my main reason although the above is solid if i go into depth. look how much death these "gods" have caused on our planet. if you remove gods from the mix we could work together easier and achieve a better level of living for humanity. i believe it is a time where many are realizing this and saying "lets drop the fairy stories and grow up" i despise the hate religion causes and i just dont care for it. and my dads Mormon and my moms catholic. i find my self slowly becoming hostile to the .... irrational thoughts and just general stupidity. they overlook reason and choose ignorance over anything else. it swells a deep anger in me that their... letting themselves be brainwashed. and i always LOVE using their bible against them in arguments. such as the while alcohol and gays topics. i always win overall. time to drop the fairy tales. if i die and i go to hell. well at least i was able to achieve more in life than any religious person could because my mind was free. long live the free minded.
  6. Spit or Lube?

    oh my god i just nearly shit myself laughing. ill go back on what ive heard earlier. i usually never need it :3
  7. Starcraft 2/vVv Windows 7 theme?

    im considering having the pack uploaded to a host and selling the packs. such as ... Basic - $1 includes windows 7 backgrounds basic icons for "my computer" and "recycle bin" basic sounds for startup shutdown error messages ect. and then .. possibly Advanced $5 -all wallpapers for (zerg terran toss) - windows 7 icons of all units for the specific packs race along with terran toss and zerg icons. - various sounds for startup and ect sound notifications. all unit quotes ect) along with custom music thanks to rhynodubstep o.O of course all yeh vVv guys are free :DD but others... :3 i need money hardcore.i need abt $200 to get some crutial parts for my computer. new modern PSU not my shitty 300watt new graphics card ect =/ what do y'all think?
  8. Starcraft 2/vVv Windows 7 theme?

    :3 i got a zerg theme already halfway done from a old project. guess i can resurrect it and start it back up :DD i need zerg coaching >.>
  9. ive been thinking of making a starcraft 2 / vVv windows 7 theme. if i recieve enough support from this id have custom vVv icons for major stuff such as my computer ect. along with the starcraft 2 thing. id probally do the sc2 theme per race. but i was just wondering if anyone would be interested such as when you start windows custom music plays so you get the sc2 theme or whatever you want this is merely a project and if i get enough support ill do it. im merely wondering what the community thinks of it Much love ~ Tach BASIC ZERG THEME. im going to be updating this in time. so far i got some oddball sounds. backgrounds' n shit. try it out. ill have better terran toss and zerg themes coming. THESE INSTALL THEMSELVES :DD Zerg
  10. Herpaderp problem =/

    uhh im buying the steeleries Sensai soon. and i usually never move my overall wrist when gaming. but for everyhting else i have 2 screens so i have to rub my hand around slightly. as for a doctor theres nothing a doc can do. its merely ergonomics. and if y'all say a wristpad is best ill go buy one. thanks for the helps guys. very much apprecieated. <3
  11. okay so i got a problem thats pretty derp. i play alot of starcraft. probally est 4-5 hours a day. let alone my design work. in all i spend about 8 hours working/gaming on my computer. my current problem is.... well my mouse wrist is getting some pretty hardcore chafing where my 1st join starts from the growth plates in my palm. (where the wrist starts into the hand) as i have a natrual tendency to angle my wrist off to the right away from me. its to the point the desk where the mouse is is ungodly smooth. its like glass kinda smooth. the friction resistance is pretty small. but the area is becoming hypersensitive, the skin shines in lift as a rug burn might, as with any friction burn. and the area about the size of a gold dollar turns pretty pink. naturally im a very toned guy. my bones are close to my skin in my hands as i have mechanics hands. =( no fat whatsoever) soo..... im at and impasse. i can see that the skin is soon going to give way to sores and wear away faster than it will grow within a month or 2. what are some ideas i can try out to stop this? i already have been wearing fingerless parkour gloves which help alot but their ... "clunky" for gaming. im considering a silk ribbon wrapped around my wrist. but its derpo. any ideas guys?
  12. Wendsday night Starcraft question

    how can i hop onto the prractice wagon? i hope to apply for the sc2 team and i really want to learn to better myself through my failures how better than to play with some of the best
  13. is this event only for people within the starcraft 2 team itself. also if it is is there any way i can organize a once or twice a week training night so we can pool our players together to train and practice and hone our skills? i really dont like practicing on ladder because all the kids are well.... *ehem dumb. id rather play against real competive gamers and not the usual nonstop cheese till were grandmasters crap.
  14. eh the early game in gold league is dependent on IF you can hold off a mass ling / baneling flood. sending in banelings of your own slightly behind eachother help alot. usually in this early game stage its alot about your micro. as a attacker i usually build my banelings at my base (15-20) and send 10 zerglings with them. as their going across the map i split 5 banelings to rally around the natural hatchery to surround the drones and another 5 to the main in the same fashion while the remaining banelings are off any rally commands and my zerglings act as escorts to the rallied stuff. with the unrallied forces i usually decimate the opponents army as my banelings are usually kinda early. and then poof. my baneling micro is legit thanks to some training from EGmachine. so usually i take out 15-20 drones and at that point youve won. just gotta keep battering them and expanding behind it. :DD that OR if your feeling ballzy do the spanishiwa build. its insane. 12pool 15 expo 16queen (queen at natural asap) and then drone up to 44-50 when you hit 40 supply ALL drones take all 4 extractors and build a roach warren with like 5 -6 overlords. when all thats finished by perfect with your injects and go outmacro that boi i have like a 90% win rate wit hthat because im usually never killed by ling harassment. note you may want to build like 2-5 spine crawlers