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  1. kizzykash

    Super Smash Bros 4 3DS/Wii u

    I have the game for wii u if you ever wana play
  2. kizzykash

    Becoming a better player?

    to be honest even though im not that good at gears im willing to practice and get better at the game
  3. kizzykash

    Halo 4 Information

    nice cant wait until that game comes out
  4. kizzykash

    Getting Modern Warfare 3!

    let me know because im getting my ps3 and some games after new years so yea hit me up
  5. kizzykash

    vVv Smash 2011 Results

    keep up the good work
  6. Getting a ps3 after New Years what games should i get other than MW3??

  7. kizzykash

    Saints Row The Third

    Im so getting this game when i get my ps3
  8. thats looks cool its close to looking like a gamecube controller lol
  9. kizzykash

    SSBB cost?

    it should cost about $20 or $30 by now
  10. kizzykash

    A new take on Mario

    Epic lol
  11. kizzykash

    Nintendo 3DS Titles Announced!

    im getting that i need a new ds anyway lol
  12. kizzykash

    Your favorite wii games

    SSBB Mario Kart Wii Metroid Prime Trilogy New Super Mario Bros. Wii Super Mario Galaxy / Super Mario Galaxy 2 WarioWare: Smooth Moves The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Resident Evil 4
  13. kizzykash

    Monster Hunter Tri

    Has anyone played it looks like a fun game
  14. kizzykash

    Golden Eye

    i love that game
  15. kizzykash

    How Many..?