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  1. Taco

    If you only knew. . .

    Sad to see the Gears Division go, but my name stays red! Anyway, I think that this was a nice step forward for vVv. Good write up LJ!
  2. Taco

    P0WERlZE GoW 3 vVv Application

    Welcome! I think I played with you the other day. Anyway, send me a f/r so we can play sometime. Good luck, and make sure to stay active!
  3. Taco

    An1moSiTyy's Gears 3 vVv Application

    It is always a fun time playing with you. I hope you get that interview soon!
  4. Nice job! 400k is up for grabs, damn. Keep at it, you are almost there
  5. This was just a random idea, but how about a little Singles tournament for all the community members? I was thinking to get a 16 player single elimination bracket format. For this to go through, I would need some volunteers to help organize this. Also, I haven't really thought of a prize. Probably Microsoft Points. Anyway, I made this thread to see if anyone would be willing to help set up/organize this tournament with me. If we can get enough people, I'll make another thread for sign ups. We can also hammer out the specifics/rules for the tourney together. So give me your opinion. I have never done this before, so if anyone with experience organizing online tournaments wants to try and take this over, you are more than welcome to.
  6. Taco

    Gears Community Night

    Let's get a schedule going, and I'll try to make it to some of these.
  7. Taco

    Taco's vVv app

    Today's the big day! On my way home right now
  8. Taco

    Taco's vVv app

    @apple- I've had to stop on and off between injuries and my parents, but I'm starting to get it back. Been doing a lot of flat ground lately. Just got tre flips back @Drogba- I think we are just having bad luck catching each other online at the same time. Hopefully this stops soon haha.
  9. Taco

    Taco's vVv app

    @Apple - It is this Sunday at 4:30pm
  10. Taco

    Taco's vVv app

    @Havik- Thank you! @Drogba- I'll probably be online this weekend, I'll hit you up and we can catch up. @Jerith- I just booked the interview.
  11. Taco

    Taco's vVv app

    @Jerith- I messaged Doctor about the pre-interview, and I'm still waiting on a response. I'm excited about the interview, but am I supposed to complete the pre-interview first? Also, thank you everyone! I really feel like I found a spot for myself in this community from day one. Ive met a lot of great guys here during the past few months, and I really appreciate all of your continued support!
  12. I wish everybody I ever teamed with could read this. Great article!
  13. Taco

    Craulz vVv Application

    Welcome! Just a tip to make your application look a little nicer: Try to make the questions and answers different colors. Anyway, good luck with your application, and add me @Lambent Taco, so we can play sometime!
  14. I'm pretty excited, barring any changes that might have ruined the map for me.
  15. I had fun last Sunday! Looking forward to playing with some new people next time.