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  1. Servivul

    Best Vacation State?

    Yeah i gotta go where my beach houses are bro you already know this lol
  2. Servivul

    Best Vacation State?

    I mean i went to Key West last summer and South beach so if i went to florida it would be destin of orlando.
  3. Servivul

    Need Any help on MW3

    Thats Fine Bro add me SeRViVuL
  4. Servivul

    Best Vacation State?

    Idk where i wanna go this summer Florida or Cali. Let me know which one you think is better and why thanks in advance.
  5. Servivul

    Need Any help on MW3

    New to the game and need help? Well im the guy Add me and i can teach you all the call outs, hints, and tips on how to get that extra kill or flag cap. I'm only teaching MLG Maps and can help you set up classes MY XBL GAMERTAG is SeRViVuL be good vVv Family.
  6. Welcome to the forums Servivul :)