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  1. SuGaR

    Thankful for vVv!

    While I am still and applicant to vVv, and have not personally talked to LordJerith, I can definitely relate to this. I'm in a "CS:S clan" that is the same way. I put that in quotes because we never competed, don't have a server anymore, hell, don't even have half our members anymore due to our inactivity and move to other games. But it's a group of people I can confide in like "real life" friends. Actually, I really do consider most of them my real life friends. They are my friends on Facebook (something I keep very private), I have their phone numbers, I know where many of them live and go to school. Having a community like that, be it online or in real life, is very important. It can provide the camaraderie that may be lacking in many people's lives. It just happens to be video games that draws us together. I see that kind of brotherly/sisterly love from vVv which is a big factor in my application. Being a part of a team or clan, or any group without forming relationships with those involved isn't fun for anyone. That being said, here's to the friendships I soon hope to develop with many of you, and Happy (late) Thanksgiving!