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  1. im excited for jacinto not raven down at all buut yeah i cant still wait
  2. hey guys i have been playing some gow and i noticed that i got some backpack shots with the longshot i have no idea if it could be real because it seems like a backpack shot heres a proof guys watch it full i dont own the video:)
  3. Yt: Slayfilmz Designs and editions soon!

  4. Ragez

    Rage's vVv Application

    nope everything is ok thanks yeah i love vVv GAMING! yeah i love to navigate in the page:)
  5. it will be amazing with 4 characters 5 new maps and 7 weapon skins!
  6. hey guys im looking for people who wants to play gow1 and gow 3 sometimes so if you want to play feel free to add me my gamertag is in my sign thanks
  7. Ragez

    Rage's vVv Application

    haha sorry i wanted to say that i did not change my gamertag, is firelinez, i couldnt get online on twitter because my web signal was lost so i could not get in in some websites like twitter
  8. i have no idea i think trashball drone has gone but im not sure i dont use it but someone told me that man
  9. Ragez

    Rage's vVv Application

    no i didnt change it my gt is firelinez sorry i have no twitted cuz mi internet signal left and i couldnt enter in sme directions
  10. hi my gamertag is in my sign we will play if u want but hmu because i always forget who is in vVv so stay active follow vVv gaming on twitter and welcome
  11. Ragez

    Get_Sausyy's app

    sorry i decline ur request i didnt know about you sorry i decline ur request i didnt know about you
  12. Ragez

    Rage's vVv Application

    yeah my cousin and i want to make like a gow series center, a stream on youtube where people can send in clips, montages, cotds etc:) but im working hard
  13. yo guys what do you think about trashball drone epic unlocked td. for a time it supposed to be only for a weekend but let me know what o you think i really didnt like it because i think he looks so heavy and a little bit stupid:) its just my opinion i actually use golden characters:)
  14. Ragez

    Rage's vVv Application

    yeah i'll change it sorry i guess mm vVv tingez or daredevil im not playing alot cus im making a new youtube project so i have been making a lot of different things actually my cousin is play on my profile
  15. oh my gawd im so excited because the savage drone man:) i think it helps epic to keep the players focus on the game i love it:)
  16. yeah sometimes i need people to play with i usually play koth but i always play team deathmatch so my gamertag is firelinez
  17. add me if you want to play or scrim against my gamertag is firelinez hmu lol i cann see you topic three times
  18. i just killed the rat and i heard locust voices man and some footprints appears on but i don´t know what to do after that man:(
  19. Ragez

    Rage's vVv Application

    yeah man ill change it -its @firelinez
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