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  1. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    haCkCarlos application

    yo man its good practicing with you =P lol
  2. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    Aggressive mentality and why it can be important

    , i don't feel so alone now lol, i would hold this in for a while , always wanted to let it out =P Yeah BabyToss i completely understand it feels, when your at a certain ranking that looks satisfying and you know you can't go up with having the fear that your going to go lower first you ya just kinda stay there =(
  3. this doesn't mean bad mannering but what im trying to get to is that exerting your prowess before and in-game really hungers you to get a win i have some friends who are bronze/silver/gold who are just casual players. and just there mere advice of portraying yourself as a great player motivates you to keep gaming than to just fallback on feeling lowly really boosted their confidence, some of them jumped up a league. in which i can relate to. back in the day i worked for the California Conservation Corps where i lived pretty much in a forest for 7 months. Rarely i would go to town in the mcdonalds free wirless internet with my laptop and watch huskystarcraft or blizzshouter on youtube when i came back to south california i immediately bought Starcraft 2 and started laddering. I first fell into silver and worked up way up diamond within 2 weeks. (No masters back then) i never made roaches, corrupters, broodlords, or queen injects, creep spread,, all i knew was mutalisks, zerglings, and banelings (because i saw they were pretty useful) my mentality was that i felt like people were playing the game wrong with just 2 base play all the time. i was so used to brood war with muta-stacking, zerlings, and lurkers mass hatcheries and overexpanding. the thing that kept me strong was that i had experience with brood-war, at a good time i was practicing with C/C+ and a B player from Korea Air. I had the fire in me that i felt 10x better than anyone i was playing against. i entered a friendly tournament during those 2 weeks where i got second place and beat a future grandmaster player at a best of 5. overall what im trying to get to is that just the thought of feeling that your better ( in a healthy way ) is a great step without even knowing what your getting into. after a certain moment. i stopped laddering and fell into a slump for a good year. i didn't feel that desire to go any further. i felt lesser and got ladder anxiety. and just messed around with friends in customs. this concludes to another point. is getting too comfortable with where you are. it sucks but sometimes you have to break away from the people you feel and pulling you behind in a sense to get going again. its like a relationship. if that person isn't making you grow your just going to sit there until something breaks. take a break from the game for a good time sit back and watch pro-games and theory-craft and when you return look for coaching/practice partners. find someone new to play with . don't get too involved with peep mode/ customs or at all involved. and even better just pretend that there are no customs in sc2. like right now, im in a slump. i haven't played for a good while thats why im writing this =o everyone makes mistakes. some people want to get better and some enjoy just playing the game casually. But for the people who really look for something more just try to push away anything that makes you feel edgy. there will always be mistakes as you climb just don't forget that =) lol note: i guess this topic is something like breaking out of your mold or noticing outer sources that are pulling you behind
  4. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    PrismatkCORE's application :D

    good luck with your application! stay strong!! =D
  5. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    Are you able to remember your dreams?

    sometimes i have a dream about a friend i lost
  6. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    Incepts vVv Application

    good luck man and stay active! if you ever wanna play some games! =) vVvWIZARD .124
  7. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    Breadth of Gameplay by Barrin

    It disagree with that idea. Its really passive and very low tier all in. It makes tier 1 all in really strong.
  8. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    My Little Pony: FiM

    no thanks
  9. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    Favorite Quotes?

    "Get to the chopper!" keanu reeves
  10. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    haCkCarlos application

    You got this man! I can feel it ! =P
  11. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    Fav band/album?

  12. WIZARD (Ex vVv)


    i thought it was gonna be something about a wizard =P
  13. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    Why you love StarCraft 2?

    Starcraft is my childhood game, and the fact that it has gotten this big is a dream come true =D
  14. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    Insult The Person Above You

    i cant stop laughing lol
  15. WIZARD (Ex vVv)

    Psych's Application

    i see that your in a band, what kind of music do you guys play and what instrument do you play ? =D