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  1. Handicap

    [Official] vVv Minecraft Server!

    oh where????? need help roughing them up
  2. Handicap

    vVv Gaming Chop Chop List - May 2012

    been fun, c ya guys on the flip side
  3. Handicap

    [Official] vVv Minecraft Server!

    is it down again?
  4. cant wait to watch you guys mop the floor with the competition
  5. Handicap

    I need your help!

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vVvHandicap Twitter: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/brianblalock2004?feature=mhee Twitch.tv: http://www.justin.tv/coach_handicap
  6. Handicap

    [Official] vVv Minecraft Server!

    tomorrow there will be some down time on the server. fyi
  7. Handicap

    vVv Gaming enters Soul Calibur V!

    hell yeah, welcome. we're gonna dominate at even more fighters
  8. Handicap

    Monday Night Minecraft

    Tuesday Night Minecraft Recorded on Monday Night there we go
  9. Handicap

    Monday Night Minecraft

    meee pls
  10. Handicap

    [Official] vVv Minecraft Server!

    so u made that? in survival mode? u r a god
  11. Handicap

    [Official] vVv Minecraft Server!

    yay, we're using my idea. idk what the hell we'd be doing except maybe building a vVv Village and exploring caves while we collect eyes of ender and go on a epic quest to find the Fortress then enter the ender world and defeat the ender dragon claiming all of ender world OURS. muahahahahahaha
  12. Handicap

    [Official] vVv Minecraft Server!

    how come the server is down?
  13. Handicap

    vVv Minecraft Server!

    is it still up? id like to play on it
  14. i know, i already added u. just giving u my info, didnt think it was a big deal to post it