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  1. New Champion?

    Maybe they're still reeling from the stinking failure that is Fiora?
  2. Epic comeback

    Careful Anax, I played a solo queue game last night and won. Either it was a fluke or your luck is about to run out for a while...
  3. Good ELO Climbing Advice

    I play until I get bored... I dunno, I'm not one of those players that chain queues on any kind of streak. I hardly play more than 2 or 3 games in a single session (solo queue that is) without breaking it with something else. Ranked 5s is a different matter and I'm more interested in running many games in a row. Just remember, Elo is only a number. Don't let it define you.
  4. FIora Patch

    Not exactly. I had an olaf go 5-0 in lane, but when it got down to the late game, he couldn't reach their AD carry to do damage. I guess things may have fared differently had he simply joined us in pounding their bruisers. One of the things i've noticed when playing against Janna is you sometimes have to let their AD carry just pummel you, and just try to nuke their meat before she does too much damage (let your tankiest person be closest to her), because going for them is a suicide mission and you won't get anything done.
  5. Good ELO Climbing Advice

    If I lose 2 or 3 games in a row, I usually stop playing ranked for the day/night. Some days (or even weeks) the queue gods are just not on your side.
  6. Good ELO Climbing Advice

    He's actually back at 2230. Silsol is a very high risk, high reward player (doesn't take flash ever, notice his summoners are always heal ignite). He also tilts a lot, hence the humongous losing streaks. That's the danger of just chain queuing - losing streaks extend because you are already losing, and your mentality changes (even if you don't perceive it), and you will play worse.
  7. Fiora Patch

    People are flipping out about the mana restore, but it's only 30, guys. 30 mana isn't that much. That's ~10-20 seconds of passive regen, depending on what time of the game it is and your runes/items.
  8. Ranking Ad Carries

    If you're going to make a tier list like this you need to submit your reasoning for placing each champion at its place in the ladder. What makes them strong, is it their ability to farm, live in teamfights, scale well, scale badly? You're turning such an intensely multi-dimensional problem into a flat one without any rhyme or reason. The real story? Most of the ADs are equally strong when played correctly.
  9. FIora Patch

    Olaf was simply weak because he's easily countered by champions who can kite him (the same pitfall of Udyr). Pick Janna against either of these and watch them flail helplessly around as they get slowed, knocked up, and knocked back away from the people they're supposed to do damage to. (they have no instant gap closers)
  10. Good ELO Climbing Advice

    He doesn't write anything particularly groundbreaking in this post. It's always been the same. Also, make sure that you don't fall into the pitfalls of riding an OP champ up the Elo ladder, because when he/she gets nerfed, you may just as quickly fall back down. The best advice to gaining Elo: simply get better at the game. Play more, and instead of watching everyone else make mistakes, focus on YOUR GAME and YOUR MISTAKES. Reflect and improve.
  11. Playing support a bad thing?

    People at most levels of play have a large ego and do not wish to put themselves in the passenger seat and let his teammates drive the van to victory. To be fair, they have a point: support has a smaller impact on the game's outcome and is easier to do at a low level (sit back, heal, babysit). Players would rather play a different role that they could perhaps hard carry their team with.
  12. Who is the Best Solo Top Champ?

    Nope. It's Venusaur.
  13. Who is the Best Solo Top Champ?

    Teemo's short range and limited sustainability make him vulnerable to many of the top champions that can close gaps easily, such as renekton and irelia. He will also cause you problems later game, especially if you don't have a bruiser in the jungle, because he's just another squishy ranged champion in teamfights (if you don't build him with frozen mallet). His mushrooms aren't infallable, either: you can still gank him through the lane, with global ults (TF, nocturne). He's a slot champion that generally does well against singed, but he's been nerfed a number of times and quite simply isn't the dominant force he used to be. Anyone claiming to know the 'strongest champ in x lane' simply doesn't understand how to counter champions, because no champion will be the best in all situations. You have to consider your team, their team, your lane, and your confidence playing said champion goes a long way in making them a strong champion to play. Simply find a champion you like to play and get really good at him, and you'll win most of the lanes unless you hit someone who's also really good with someone who counters you.
  14. The Marginal Advantage

    Understanding your limit, though, is something that defines how skilled you are at the game. Fundamentally, a better player will make better decisions more often than their lower skilled opponent, whose decisions are not as well informed and thus look like 'risky' plays. A primary example of this would be in trading harass, or burning summoner spells to escape/kill. In bot lane, I often see players burning a flash to try and last hit a kill, all the while forgetting that they can just pop summoner heal and walk away, you being down a flash (flash >>>>> heal). In any game you play, you hit a mechanical skill cap at one point or another (CS, basic awareness, etc), but your ability to make the best/better decisions in a given situation are what raise your elo past 1400. On this note, you need to understand the limitations, positions, and relative damage outputs of all champions that could be involved in an invasion. Optimally, if you are weaker damage wise, you need to take it without them contesting it. If you have more strength at that point, it might be better to try and catch them in these situations and turn a buff into a kill or two. You need to be aware of everything on the map: a teleport from the top lane, a flash from the mid lane, a heal from the bot lane, when making the choice to invade, and the opportunity cost of doing so. It's a complex dance that you get better at with practice: after a few hundred games you just don't even actively think about it, you just glance at the scoreboard and minimap and can make that split second decision.
  15. Health potions are OP

    After about 4 minutes into the game we started just fucking around, selling items, and that stuff. The other team wasn't being too serious either, considering we were letting them push our base...