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  1. FacT

    The Rush For Gold!

    sure ill give you an add! vvvfact2
  2. FacT

    League of Legends Ranked List

    vvvfact2 S4. I need to grind i only have like 90 ranked games played 20-30 of those not in solo q
  3. FacT

    Treyarch and Twitch combine.

    This is a pretty cool development, maybe it'll give the CoD community some much needed exposure on twitch.
  4. FacT

    How is everyone doing?

    I'm doing well! College keeps me really bush though, but i like it!
  5. Likewise, but that's fine, i'm looking forward to the most to seeing our Shootmania team do work! Still love sc2.
  6. Entertaining video, but lacking depth. Not that i expected much from the opening cinematic.
  7. FacT

    Halo players, I want your thoughts.

    It wasn't really a surprise to any halo players, or at least it shouldn't have been. Halo performed poorly at dallas, if viewed objectively, and the game itself isn't very entertaining to watch, nor has the community really established the gametypes they'd play had their game been put on the circuit. too many issues, not enough return. bad investments. haha The halo community should stick to making online tournaments, and local lans in order to grow and establish itself.
  8. FacT

    Killing Babies

    Absolutely abortion should be available to any pregnant woman and it should be HER jurisdiction, and her's alone if she wants to carry through with it. I can see how people would be against ending a "life." Although i personally believe it's not a person until midway through the mid trimester, but regardless of how an individual, or the majority feels, this is a matter that should stay in the hands of the woman undergoing the procedure.
  9. FacT

    Opinions on new Iphone 5?

    ehh i'm not convinced yet.
  10. FacT

    Can't wait to watch it

    I hope I can make it down there, it's only a three hour drive from where i'm currently living.
  11. FacT

    Qualified for WCG!

    Big news, i'll make sure to tune in and cheer you on!