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    Pedro Cervantes
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    Houston, Texas.
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    vVv FacT
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    Halo and Gears. Diablo <3
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    anything really
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    Inception, insidisious, black swan, shutter island, secret window
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    Gaming, competition, progress, self improvement, school, and winning.
  1. FacT

    The Power of Water

    I love this plug for water, people should consume more of it regularly.
  2. FacT

    Re-Designed Wii U Controller Leaked

    "Seriously Nintendo, just make a Wii U controller that's essentially a Gamecube controller with dual analog control and I'll give you all my money. Please."
  3. FacT

    Personality Spotlight: Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn

    Thanks for the interview, i've been wanting to hear more about Scarlett
  4. FacT

    IMG 3408 800x533

  5. I believe we're on the right track, but we still need more.
  6. FacT

    Every Console Game Should Stick Together

    After seeing the atrocious behavior of the stream chat for TLB95, i agree, that the best thing for eSports is for all gamers to develop a greater sense of unity and purpose. We all have a common goal, and we should do well to remember that we're lucky we get compete in video games at all.
  7. FacT

    An idea is nothing without execution!

    Sounds awesome, I like that you said that working with your friends has only led to failure, it made me realize that working with people that you aren't as close with is probably much more efficient. good luck on your series, ill be sure to follow it!