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  1. in game - Melody (if I'm lucky) mumble - Meelody, probably going to swap it back to Melody if I get the name and stuff.
  2. I'M LEAVING. Too much stuff on my plate for this next year I think. Maybe some time I'll return, but probably not as a member. It's been great. Some of you I miss having around as much as I used to. Some of yall can screw off. Thanks for the times. <3
  3. 'Ay everyone. If you could just do me a favor and go to http://figment.com/users/103612-Justin-Barnes , sync your facebook and create an account, then check out (or just like all of his stuff) that would be great. This is a friend of mine, and his stuff is pretty great, so if you want something to read be sure to peek into his stuff. (but above all just like it. PLS.)
  4. WELP. If jayc is planning on diamond 1 next season, guess I'd better plan on it too.
  5. Meelody


    Aight, so, I didnt use too many addons back when I first played. I remember using healbot, but didnt like it too much. Tried a few actionbar and minimap addons but didnt like those either. ;o. Now, since I've started again, I've been mainly using: Bartender4 (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/bartender4): It's simple, I can take out the blizzard art at the bottom of the screen, and move the bars to wherever I want them x). Makes my actionbars look like this: VuhDo (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/vuhdo#t1:description): This shows the members of my party/raid in a better format, and it's also really handy in the sense that it'll show duration of HoT's, an estimate of what my heal will change someone's % of health to, and how long is left on my shield. The best part is being able to bind spells to my mouse buttons. Should also mention that when mousing over someone's window while they're out of range will show me what direction they are. Really good for those times where you lose track of someone. x). Looks a bit like this on my screen: Recount (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/recount): This one is basically just a damage meter, but it can show other statistics. Not necessarily needed, but I like seeing who is doing the most damage x).
  6. ALRIGHT. I found this on reddit, anyone who has been on /r/leagueoflegends would probably have seen this. I love it. <3__<3
  7. Me and my boyfriend just play everything together, so. I guess I got lucky in regards to our taste in games. We like a ton of the same ones, and it's always fun to play with him. x) Also, if you see it as a part of your life, you should find someone who is okay with that. There's no reason to hide a part of you, but of course you should make sure your gaming habit isnt unhealthy .
  8. Yee, I wouldnt call us a clan, but a community or organization x). I'm sure you get it by now. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time if you plan on sticking around.
  9. JasonParadise. I laughed a little. x). Welcome though!
  10. I like it better, but we can agree to disagree on the font I guess.
  11. He is right here. If you're considering using vVv displayed on screen, wait until you're actually a member. Thanks. As for my opinion on your overlay, I think it looks a bit tacky. That font is pretty nasty too. Since you mentioned some pro players, I'd have a look at Dyrus and Trick2g's overlays. Definitely a good direction to start in - minimalistic while detailed, and still showing the basics an overlay should. x)
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