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  • Interests My interests are primarily MOBA games but I do enjoy the occasional single player RPG from time to time *cough* SKYRIM *cough*
  1. Gaming Music

  2. Aaaay vVv! What's good?

    Welcome to vVv-Gaming hope you are accepted
  3. What is the surpreme Gaming Headset?

    ya i own every single headset u named and i enjoy my steelseries the most
  4. Kakarot KY - Hey vVv

    welcome bro hope you do well
  5. Hellohhh

    welcome bro hope you do well
  6. in its own way, the protesters here in the video above really had to get arrested because they ARE breaking the LAW, the college called the police because the students are loitering by living in tents on the school grounds which is pretty much the same as a homeless guy sleeping in a bus station for a night *AGAINST THE LAW* when you are warned 3 times to move and then proceed to stop police from removing you from the grounds under judicial law is considered resisting arrest and you will go to jail for that. Period. I dont agree with the way the protesters handled the situation by just marching down to the jail were the resisting protesters are being held, at this point now that those detainee's are in the system u need to go through the system to get them out by paying bail or talking to your area's rep and having them plea in office to release the detained group. Dont just listen to one guys idea's and think he's making smart decisions for you, grow up and decide for yourself why your walking to that destination, otherwise you just become a drone just like the police are depicted as though they are just doing what that are TOLD to do. on the other hand their are things the police do that i totally disagree with, one being when they pepper spray the protesters that are sitting down in a line. Who the fuck do you think you are? I understand the fact they are breaking the law but your a police officer, be a fucking officer and pick their ass up and arrest them, you are in no way shape or form allowed to use pepper spray on any person lawfully unless they are physically violent towards you or anyone else around you and seem to be hurting themselves in the process, so what gives you the right to spray people that are only sitting and not being hostile in any way? that commanding officer that gave that order doesn't deserve the right to where a police uniform and rep his states laws and have the responsibility of that role the uniform gives him/her.
  7. this world is pretty screwed up right now....
  8. Hola vVv

    welcome bro
  9. New jungle changes?

    i dont like it, not being lvl 2 after golems is a big deal and does slow down the jungle considerably
  10. Jungle hotfix Live

    it still will never be the same.....
  11. Novice Help?

    if your looking for a coach the vvv_bigpapa os the one to talk to hes super chill and will walk step by step with you in the learning process
  12. GL guys do it big
  13. Check out this Beast.

    i feel bad for the guy ringing ur doorbell with this thing answering back
  14. ya i agree with Det on the ep/gp mod, in my experience its a far better mod then anything out their
  15. Rumble in the Bronze II Charity Event

    i love vids like this hahaha