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  1. Astroorion

    Astro's Resignation

    Sorry, but I'm no longer interested and can't find any place to sign up, but thanks for letting meknow
  2. Astroorion

    Astro's Resignation

    This is a decision that I've come to after a lot of thinking, and I would like to apologize for my long stint of recent inactivity. I feel like I haven't been fulfilling my end as a vVv Member, so I'm deciding to leave. I also was a bit saddened when Aspire was created, and no one invited me to join, and then even Aspiring Rising came along, but I would hate to sound selfish and self-entitled but I feel like I had a good history and a desire to get better. I wish everyone here the best of luck and can't wait to see some of you at future events! -Blake
  3. Really sucks for him since accidents happen, but if Twitch lets this go that will look bad on them
  4. Astroorion

    Attendence List for vVv

    WOOHOO! I'm attending, was going to compete, but something worked out for me and I get to go as an SC2 Ref. Hope to see you guys there!
  5. Woohoo! This will be super fun and I hope my dream team wins!
  6. Astroorion

    Miserie - Writer

    Nice Application! Got to read her DH Valencia writing when she first wrote it and I thought it was awesome! Can't wait to see some more of her writing an good luck on your application!
  7. Astroorion


    Woohoo! You finally made it! Worked with Miserie on a few different things and I'm glad to see her here! Welcome!
  8. Astroorion

    3rd Person Spectating

    Personally, even though I don't play Call of Duty professionally, if you are able to gain an advantage because you have a coach/extra player on a team whereas the other team might not have one, something is wrong. So I definitely thing it's good that you will be able to disable this feature and that it should, hopefully, even the playing field for both teams.
  9. Astroorion

    Applicant Feedback

    Been talking with HalfWhip the past few days in the shoutbox and would love to see him have a pre-interview to see what he has to say
  10. Astroorion

    Matthew 'Razor' Fernandez Community Application - Starcraft 2.

    Got to meet this guy while helping him do a Playhem, would definitely love to see him with some v's in those tournaments!
  11. Thanks for all the time you have given HyunA and good luck with all your future ventures!
  12. Astroorion

    LionHeart's Application >:D 2

    Good luck and thanks for trying again! Keep up the social activity and I'm sure you will have no trouble getting in!
  13. Going as a competitor this time, so excited!
  14. Astroorion

    eFxGamer's Application

    Looks like a great application, and glad that more young people are applying! PM me at vVvAstro 137 (NA or EU) if you want some vZ practice
  15. Astroorion

    Mystery Terran's Application

    Good luck on your application! Like I said, PM me at vVvAstro 137 (NA and EU) if you want any TvZ practice