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  • Full Name Donna Lewis
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  1. Your views on same-sex marriage.

    i did, i did - lol. fail on my part. :[
  2. Your views on same-sex marriage.

    LOL, I definitely meant for the gay community... not pedophiles.
  3. how has your school year been so far ? (if you started)

    so far this semester seems to be going by in a flash. i've got midterms starting in like, two weeks, which i am not too worried about. i always put off my essay/paper writing until the night before it's due and get an A anyway. ho hum~ but i don't like that i have to spend my own money for music class by going to classical concerts for a research paper. LAME. the only class i am actually nervous about is Chinese - i'm horrible when speaking it. haha! i hope this class doesn't ruin my chances at a 4.0 this semester! grrrrrrrr.
  4. Hot Pockets

    hotpockets are delicious!
  5. Dating

    well there's a point where it gets creepy and pedo-ish, and that's where there's a problem. i know they say "age isn't anything but a number" but sometimes that number is just too low. haha.
  6. Facebook or Myspace

    neither! i like google+ better, though i do continue to use facebook to communicate with friends who don't have a g+ account. :]
  7. Pro life or Pro choice?

    Pro-choice, especially if the woman was raped and became pregnant. But the poster above me is right, there is the Plan B pill for stupid decisions.
  8. Online Dating.. Yes? No?

    Online dating works for some, and doesn't for others. Simple as that. I'm not a fan of it but I see online dating happening more and more as the years progress. Hell, I have a friend who met her husband online and now they've got two cute babies and are as happy as can be!
  9. Your views on same-sex marriage.

    I like when someone starts off their reply with, "i am straight" - makes me giggle for some reason. ANYWAY, I think that no one should be told they can't marry who they want. I'm all for gay rights and equality. :] I was so happy when gay marriage became legal in New York, now a few of my friends can get married!
  10. vVv KiZoGe(s) Music of the day.

  11. The Walking Dead

    I can't wait for it to be October 16th! I've been looking forward to a FULL season 2 ever since season 1 aired. I hope that this new season will be just as amazing if not BETTER. :] High hopes.
  12. I need a new TV series to watch

    TrueBlood! Terra Nova (it looks promising), Boardwalk Empire, and The Walking Dead.