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    I need to post more!

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    Liam B-V
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    South Africa
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    Half life , counter strike , quke3 , cod4promod
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    Other team's tears
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    Fight club
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    August Burns red , Parkway drive , Tool , In Flames
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    Art, Lanning , competitive gaming , growing herbs , case modding , cooking feasts for Lans.
  1. Well done, i though vacant wasn't used anymore. Those are awesome film tweaks.
  2. So i heard that PC, PS3 and Mac gamers are going to be able to play against each other on the same servers, not sure about 360 guys. Competitive gaming could get crazy next year !
  3. I hope Battlefield 3 is still a viable competitive title despite Origin and the shenanigans that come with using it. There is always something special about large scale clan battles.
  4. Would be great to compare the way North American players play against European players. I got to see bits of the stream but it was quite laggy for me.
  5. Welcome to the forums covie :)