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    Gow1, Gow2, Gow3, fifa 10, fifa 11, fifa 12
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    steak, asparagus, chicken, beefjerkey
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    step brothers, pinnaple express, sin nombre, pirates of carribean all, transformers all, harry potter!!!!!
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    lil wayne, eminem, boosie, skrillex, dead mouse, retribution
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    My main interest obviously is gaming. I have been playing gears since day 1. I use to be in to Soccer as a kid throughout highschool, and was extremely good at it, and had scholarship offers. Other interests include drinking, partying, beerpong, and chillin with friends.
  1. XternaL

    Gow3 Suggested maps and Gametypes

    i think execution, and tdm would be fine, if they switched the weapons a little, because on default some of the weapons are pointless, and you cant make pushes with them...and koth would pretty interesting, it would take a lot of teamwork in my opinion.
  2. XternaL

    GoW 3 -- Looking for one.

  3. XternaL

    Fly Society Mulit-Gaming Team

    i second this..goodjob my dude! now for our team to do big things!
  4. XternaL


    goodluck man
  5. XternaL

    The New Order (TNO) Needs 1

    goodluck fellas!
  6. XternaL

    vVv Takedown

    welcome back
  7. only dislike is sawed off, and that you can spot only one enemy at a time
  8. XternaL

    Hey guys its XternaL!

    hey guys!, and thanks!
  9. XternaL

    Send us your GoW3 scrims/tourny matches

    goodluck on the commentary! ill try an upload some scrims