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    I can finally use the Shoutbox

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    dominick Giarratano

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    Dominick giarratano
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    Gow1, Gow2, Gow3, fifa 10, fifa 11, fifa 12
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    steak, asparagus, chicken, beefjerkey
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    step brothers, pinnaple express, sin nombre, pirates of carribean all, transformers all, harry potter!!!!!
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    My main interest obviously is gaming. I have been playing gears since day 1. I use to be in to Soccer as a kid throughout highschool, and was extremely good at it, and had scholarship offers. Other interests include drinking, partying, beerpong, and chillin with friends.
  1. i think execution, and tdm would be fine, if they switched the weapons a little, because on default some of the weapons are pointless, and you cant make pushes with them...and koth would pretty interesting, it would take a lot of teamwork in my opinion.
  2. goodluck!
  3. i second this..goodjob my dude! now for our team to do big things!
  4. goodluck man
  5. goodluck fellas!
  6. welcome back
  7. only dislike is sawed off, and that you can spot only one enemy at a time
  8. hey guys!, and thanks!
  9. goodluck on the commentary! ill try an upload some scrims