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  15. Hey, I know I'm not known too well here. But, vVv is an awesome community, but I just don't have the time to play anymore. Although I am a community member and I'm not obliged to be playing and representing in one game, I feel as if I don't even feel as much as a competitive player. I love MLG and the competitive scene but I'm about to graduate highschool and I kinda wanna get my life together with relationships outside of vVv and gaming itself. I made some amazing friends and met some of the most talented and down to earth players on here and vVv is by far the most organized and respective community I've seen. I don't mind keeping vVv members on my FL but I know a lot of you have been itching to delete me and simply keep me around because I sport the V's. I was planning on making a switch from community back to Halo once Halo 4 was released but the game doesn't look or sound great at all. I'll still rep you guys to the fullest but my immense inactivity in the forums and Twitter leaves me to think I'm gonna get chopped. It was awesome playing with every single one of you, keep up the amazing work. Who knows? Maybe I'll apply for another division or something in the future. You guys are the best. -Clout