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  1. MiisFit

    What is the your best map?

    Standoff - SnD, CTF Raid - HP
  2. MiisFit

    Favorite Game Mode?

    I would have to say hardpoint and CTF are my favorites.
  3. I have played with a few known players Intake, Nadeshot, BigTymer, and Sharp. Was lucky enough to have Sharp on my team vs Nadeshot and BigTymer and we beat them. Totally forgot about Lawless, Realize, Tuquick, and eGo's league team he tried to make it to CoD championships with.
  4. MiisFit

    Opinion on Shotguns?

    Well said
  5. MiisFit

    Post your AN94 Class

    Reflex,QuickDraw,Stock Secondary: B23 Tactical: EMP or Trophy System Perk 1: Flak Jacket Perk 2: Toughness Perk 3: Dexterity
  6. MiisFit

    Nothing needs banned anymore.

    Well said
  7. MiisFit

    MiisFit Resignation

    I just don't really have the time to put in anymore.
  8. MiisFit

    MiisFit Resignation

    Im not a man of many words so i'll keep it short. I have enjoyed my year and a half in vVv I have met some great people and had some great times. But I feel it's time for me to part ways. So I wish everybody in vVv the best.
  9. MiisFit

    bo2 competitive class setup

    Yeah I tried doing that on my AR's with just running red dot and stock. So I could have an extra perk but it didn't feel right to me. I love my quickdraw .
  10. MiisFit

    bo2 competitive class setup

    AR's M8 with Red Dot, QuickDraw, and Stock / AN94 with Red Dot, QuickDraw, and Stock Secondary: B23 Tactical: EMP 1st Perk: Flak Jacket 2nd Perk: Toughness 3rd Perk: Dexterity SMG MSMC with QuickDraw, and Long Barrel or Extended Mags Lethal: Semtex Tactical: Smoke 1st Perk: Lightweight 2nd Perk: Toughness 3rd Perk: Tactical Mask, and Dexterity These are my main classes that I use.
  11. I never had a problem with the B23. Guess i'll have to see how much they screwed it up lol.
  12. MiisFit

    Your opinion on the FAL?

    Yes, and thats how I think the damage should be with no select fire.
  13. MiisFit

    Blurpey's vVv Application

    Good to see that you put in your app. Also be sure you stay active around the community. And good luck.
  14. MiisFit

    If you could...

    CoD4 M16
  15. MiisFit

    vVv CoD Teamtage

    Can't wait to see this when its finished. Also I need to try and make some more clips.