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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

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  1. Help!

    I feel like Ekko is really about cool down management combined with knowing when to go all in. Now for a game like League that is a pretty general statement but I feel it applies more so to him because when you don't do those things you'll find it to feel very awkward. Build wise I feel Lichbnae Bane is a a staple on him because sheen passive combined with his E is a deadly combo.
  2. Strike/Raid Groups

    Awesome, I've been on vacation the past week, just got back. I'll be adding you all right now.
  3. Strike/Raid Groups

    Awesome, I will add you when I get back on Minjaa! Sorry you can't join Tahvvy.
  4. Strike/Raid Groups

    Hey everyone, I've recently rejoined the forums with an interest in getting back into the vVv community. I have Destiny for Xbox One but don't have too many friends who play it on the same system therefore being able to experience things like VoG (Vault Of Glass) And weekly/nightfall strikes has been difficult for me. Would anyone be interested in getting together to run some of these things? My GT: MrTimeout X
  5. 2014 - Year of Talent

    This is a great idea. I loved the color coded names back in the day. There was a sense of prestige and respect that came a long with it. Great idea to bring it back.
  6. GoW3 Goodies..

  7. Gamertag/PSN ID/Username: High Defined Game/Console: Xbox 360 Prior Teams: Eternal, Vanquished Prior Accomplishments: None at the major level Time Zone:PST Availability(when can you tryout, or play): Every weekday at around 7 to 8 pm my time, weekends at anytime. Other Information:
  8. Sun Down's Update

    This is honestly what the all of the Gears community needs to read, this could not have been said any better and much respect to Sun Down for laying this out there for everyone. This is the kind of attitude the needs to course through the veins of the Gears of War community with vVv at the frontline.
  9. GOW was once unique.

    There have already been confirmed changes to the guns since the beta mostly retro and sawed off, plus I don't agree with this at all. This is nothing like CoD in anyway shape or form, it still feels like Gears to me and is by far a better Gears then it ever has been.
  10. This is the story of my life right now lol I didn't offer to give 150 though.
  11. OverDrive

    Good Luck with your team, looks pretty solid!
  12. Need GoW3 Team/Academy

    Good luck finding a team.
  13. Welcome to the forums Defined :)