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    Kalle Wanagat
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    Sylvan lake, Michigan
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    Legend of Zelda, Smash, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, Fire Emblem
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    anything lol
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    Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Comedys
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    FLOW, Rise Against, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Three Days Grace, LIGHTS <3
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  1. wow 6 minutes into the newest Naruto episode and my mind is blown

  2. Woot in 2nd place currently for a signature contest :D my siggy is too good

  3. Done with hw! Might do a little bit of research for my short SOC 100 paper. But until then PHOTOSHOP!!! #MakingArt

  4. Wow i had just had a cool dream. I cant believe i remember it

  5. class till 1 then doing all my drawing hw

  6. Finished with hw, debating if I should have an anime day or play some smash #FirstWorldProblems

  7. doing homework, then idk what

  8. Time to hang with my Japanese 114 buddies #hype #FunTimesAhead

  9. Weekend! Oh man its gonna be a fun one =)

  10. Going to the Pistons Game! Get to see Miami run us down lol .__.

  11. Drawing and FMA Brotherhood :)#Relaxing

  12. Awwww yeah Otori accepted the fb friend request. #FeelsGoodMan #Happy