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  1. Ezman

    Who will win the BCS National Championship in 2012?

    We play them first in the cowboy classic T.T
  2. Ezman

    Stealth Rework

    finally lol I am looking forward to playing eve and not getting raged at
  3. Ezman

    vVv Gaming meme thread

    Wheres the spike baneling meme
  4. Ezman

    Just want to show this off.

    0_o AP Yi damage delt king!?
  5. Ezman

    Just want to show this off.

    Nice! I love those games when you just out damage everyone by nearly double
  6. Ezman

    2 month recap GO

    I am banned till the 8th for posting this in the forums http://gifura.orzhk. (delete this space) org/src/1332235315120.swf
  7. Ezman

    2 month recap GO

    ' I rarely see him in 1200s
  8. Ezman

    2 month recap GO

    I see lots of kayle top/jungle, ap kog, and ali jungle.
  9. Ezman

    What is Smite?

    Its quite fun... but I don't see it going as far as similar games like dota or league.
  10. Ezman


    My buddy has a beta key and I've played it a few times
  11. Ezman

    Longest Que Wait

    The game has been broken since the issues on Sunday. They disabled logins
  12. Ezman

    Top Gear

    The only top gear I have seen is the UK one with the rocket + car lol
  13. Ezman

    What do you think of the new RMAH?

    I sold all my gear on my level 60 that I used for Act II/III/IV farming. Made a bit more than the game costs.
  14. Plat I am assuming as in starcraft and not league. But yeah from what I know it is exactly what Grimm said. Sugarbear, the sc2 admin once said "I want to monitor him (a 14 year old) a bit longer to make sure his maturity level is where it needs to be." ( http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/54763-ugpezalb-application/page__st__80 1st post on page)