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  1. Robbyy

    vVv Last Man Standing I FFA Tournament -

    I'll give it a go. GT = Wizard Robbyy
  2. Robbyy


  3. Robbyy


    Hey. I used to be a part of all of this, halo division. I went by Supweme. Anyone still around that I knew? #EXvVvGaNg
  4. Robbyy

    Things to do in Dallas!

    Will be attending TBS most likely.
  5. Bought mine. Off topic; It's been awhile.
  6. Robbyy


    I used to be in the vVv Halo division, so I figured I'd come back to the forumsdoctor and try and get some exposure, check my chan out? Youtube.com/robbyyswild Will be posting more halo stuff soon. <3
  7. Robbyy

    Perilous and NBK in search of Two

    Their twitters are now @INBKI and @ThePerilous GTs = NBK NBK NBK, The Perilous
  8. Robbyy

    Voison's Resignation... From Staff.

    Nice to see you can't make a resignation topic without bashing another game and it's players. Later. BUT. you're a good guy and deserve a break.
  9. Robbyy

    Why aren't we playing together?

  10. Robbyy


    I'm gone, later. I don't see the need to fully explain why, Halo went down the shitter for this organization, so I don't see why I should even be here anymore. Only thing I'm thankful for is helping me meet the people that helped me improve and grew into long lasting friends (Perilous, NBK, Mister). Other than that, nah. Shoutouts to Perilous, Mister, Aphex, Clout, Artificial, Dami, Arkaine, FacT, My Tail, Grin, everyone else I was cool with. And of course that "worthless piece of white trash" NBK. <3 Real mature image you're setting for everyone here. Later bros, GT = a Wild Robbyy, message to run reach.
  11. Robbyy

    Why aren't we playing together?

    Hey look we're community gamers now!! OT: Meh. I showed.
  12. Robbyy

    Perilous and NBK in search of Two

    Hit these guys up, they're cute. <3
  13. Robbyy

    Upcoming Tournament - CGApro.com

  14. Robbyy

    Halo 4 Game Informer details

    Brb switching to gears~