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  1. BigDaddyFrost

    Frost App(vVv Apollo Re-app)

  2. BigDaddyFrost

    Frost App(vVv Apollo Re-app)

    well tell McLovin(Stitches) to do his job and post fairly instead of making bias posts on my thread all b/c his day went poorly due to his practice on his d3 baseball team.... this is almost as bad as Destrimentals mood swings... and thats funny comming from the kid whose clinically bipolar LOL!. but if speaking my mind hinders my application process than i am sorry for using my American rights of speech. BUT if my app is not close soon( which i highly doubt because i know destrimental is going to go SUPER EMO) i welcome any and all unbiased people to add me and play ! " OMG basegod i just fucked all your bitches .......SWAG!"
  3. BigDaddyFrost

    Frost App(vVv Apollo Re-app)

    GO TO HELL.... and PLEASE take you time on the long way back home.
  4. BigDaddyFrost

    Spit or Lube?

    Her spit FTW
  5. BigDaddyFrost

    Frost App(vVv Apollo Re-app)

    thanks buddy
  6. BigDaddyFrost


    they are real but thats nots it.
  7. BigDaddyFrost

    Blunts or pipes?

    Joints blunts are bad for you -__- ... and pipes make you looks like a crackhead lmao
  8. BigDaddyFrost

    MW2 maps in MW3

    AGREED !
  9. BigDaddyFrost

    Frost App(vVv Apollo Re-app)

    he has posted 3 times all negative on my app , i get it you don't want me in vVv. quit stalking my app and go play outside or somthing... or go to hell like i said originally
  10. BigDaddyFrost

    Frost App(vVv Apollo Re-app)

    Please Go to hell and take your time on the way back.
  11. BigDaddyFrost

    Frost App(vVv Apollo Re-app)

    Thank you and will do
  12. BigDaddyFrost

    What is the best Dew?(Mountain dew)

    supernova= Best !
  13. BigDaddyFrost

    ArKaine 9's Application

    keep it up homie GL!
  14. BigDaddyFrost

    Your views on same-sex marriage.

    and to prevent a future argument Definition (Webster) 2. The condition of being ignorant; the want of knowledge in general, or in relation to a particular subject; the state of being uneducated or uninformed
  15. BigDaddyFrost

    Your views on same-sex marriage.

    My best Friend of over 10 years is gay im not a homophobe, in highschool i would take the vow of silence yearly just to show my support for the gay community. i just think it should be called something other than marriage. same percs and ideas of marriage though. and if you "dont give a fuck about what others do with their lives" then whats the point of posting in this thread? or even entertaining my ideas, and to speak on my opinion without knowing my reasons makes your more ignorant than I does it not ? i was born and raised a baptist by a Decan of a church and to have both grandparents as pastors. but as for same sex marriage as a "term" i say no but i am a strong believer of equality in the rights that it should poses. but LJ your are right thankfully homophobia is on its way out