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  1. Grin

    Grin re-app!

    cancel this app.
  2. Grin

    Halo 4 Release Date announced!

    soooo excited. !
  3. Grin

    Grin re-app!

  4. gone for the week, love you all I do.

  5. Grin

    Grin re-app!

    It's still not the best at the moment, but i'll try to have or retweet something vVv related daily. For the next week or so I won't be too active due to spring break, but i'll still do what I can.
  6. Grin

    Grin re-app!

    Thanks man.
  7. Grin

    Latest Placings?

    lol, i'd be shocked.
  8. Grin

    Latest Placings?

    I don't see Str8 placing top 8. They just don't seem to play well enough together to place that well but with practice possibly. As for instinct it depends imo. If they're all playing at their very best I believe they can beat anybody, but we'll see!
  9. Grin

    Grin re-app!

    lol, no.
  10. Grin

    OG Limitless Application

    good luck buddy.
  11. Grin

    Concerning vVv

    You need a pic of yourself.