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  1. Arkaine


    Game is a flooop
  2. Arkaine

    Arkaine's Application

    I appreciate you Savvieee and sounds good i’ll be in discord if you want to hang out 😎 I was just poking fun, i don’t actually think that 😛
  3. Arkaine

    Arkaine's Application

    This application is on it’s way for a hard “Denied!”
  4. College Football: University of Georgia Pro Football: Oakland Raiders Baseball: Braves Basketball: Hawks I know one of these things are not like the other, but I can't stand the Falcons
  5. Arkaine

    Eddie's App

    A lot of BR players around 👀 expected since that’s what essentially saturates the market lmao. Best of luck on your application man.
  6. Arkaine

    Member Application - Tibiryus

    Welcome dude, you had a great layout for your application. What do you think that makes you want to become part of the community? I know that was a question already asked inside the application itself, i was just curious to hear more on why 😛
  7. Arkaine

    Arkaine's Application

    love ya brother, thanks for the endorsement
  8. Arkaine

    B1zkit Formerly vVv Bizkit Application

    Nice to meet you! Hope your application goes well!
  9. Arkaine

    Arkaine's Application

    I've been fantastic dude, I've been playing a lot of Escape From Tarkov, Destiny 2 and dabbling my toes in Apex Legends until Division 2 comes out. Super stoked for it. What you been up to?
  10. Arkaine

    Arkaine's Application

    I appreciate it bro you've always been family does dat boi have a camel toe
  11. Arkaine

    Matter’s Application

    Super excited to see this man, welcome back brother
  12. Arkaine

    Member Application - Sheen

    Welcome and good luck!
  13. Arkaine

    Arkaine's Application

    Hey Saturn it’s great to see you man ❤️
  14. Arkaine

    All Things Makeup/Skin Care

    See i would have never guessed it was a color. Lmao i had to ask.
  15. Arkaine

    All Things Makeup/Skin Care

    So, i gotta ask. Why are certain pieces of makeup considered “Nudes” or is that the branding 🤔