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  1. All Operations require 216+ gear now when you hit 65. If I could make everyone get on I would but unfortunately I don't have that power lol. I've been running Operations with random groups. No one wants to put time in.
  2. Arkaine


    I play with a group of 10-12 on Boneyard and we rule Pleasant Valley. Kraft if you wanna come play I can always give you the Teamspeak
  3. 6PM is fine for me. Let's do it
  4. Nah. Weekends are our best bet looks like.
  5. Arkaine

    Post-patch companions

    They did nerf the companions and the heal spec pretty bad. For example, my Lana would do 12k heals every time and now she does 3-5k. But, for you Greg it would be better for you to use a heal companion more than any else cause you'll have more effectiveness on solo Heroics. I'll also post this there for future reference on which spec you should put your companions for a variety of toons. Tank Toons- DPS companion DPS Toons- Heal companion Heal Toons- Tank companion
  6. Arkaine

    Best way to get glowing/radiant crystals?

    Story Mode Operations give you 16 radiant crystals for a daily and you'll get 12 radiant crystals for the operations itself and more radiant crystals on top of the daily when you kill bosses and finish the Operation. Also, Star Fortresses have a weekly terminal which requires you to do 6 star fortress missions to get the weekly. You get glowing crystals and common data for that weekly.
  7. You're not skipping Oricon. You can run the actual Operations on Oricon at a later date. All that mission does that you see is give you common data crystals.
  8. I didn't do the Oricon one through my mission console since it's pretty much pointless. We can start off on Oricon though, sure.
  9. Hey guys, For everyone that's 65, I wanted to get everyone's time where they are available so we can start running Operations and FPs. Post the time you're most likely to be on below so we can reach an agreement on a time to get on.
  10. Arkaine

    Socialism For Dummies

    This was really an amazing presentation. I urge you to take time out of your day to listen to this. Professor Richard D. Wolff explains in 50 minutes what socialism is NOT. Where does the American fear of Socialism, Communism and Marxism come from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysZC0JOYYWw
  11. Arkaine

    Augment chart

    I'll explain them in TS soon Organic. That's a conversation that will be rather complex but it's not too bad
  12. Arkaine

    Augment chart

    This is incredibly helpful Vall thank you so much for the post :)
  13. Arkaine

    PC or Console

    PC for me as well. Not a lot of games that i find myself enjoying on console nowadays