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  1. Jrock


    Haha well i might be getting a 360 soon, so we will be able to play then
  2. Jrock


    Perfect, Whats your PSN
  3. Jrock


    Hey guys, if anyone is looking to join a club or play Vs. (1v1) HMU, I will take all challenges, just looking to play anyone who is interested, whether you rarely play NHL or not! Post up if interested
  4. Jrock

    NHL Series

    I am in the semi's for the tournament, and Ballack, just so you know, my interview with LJ is tonight!
  5. Jrock

    NHL Series

    Update: I am now currently enrolled in two small payout tournaments. In the first tournament I received a No-show win as the opponent was not able to attend first match. In tournament#2 I won my first round matchup 9-2 and the opponent quit with 11min left in the 3rd period. More updates to come!
  6. Jrock

    NHL Series

    Not yet, I am not sure when i am free next week and he said that he wouldnt do tonight because of the long weekend, so hopefully i can arrange a time this week
  7. Jrock

    NHL Series

    Would like to mention I am in a Gamersaloon tournament, it is my first cash tournament i have participated in, updates to come!
  8. Hit me up anytime you need one Lax, you know i'll join up
  9. Jrock

    TRuzTz F/A for Orlando Black Ops

    Good luck, I am in the same boat and I recommend playing with Lax, he is a good player and I am sure his teammates are as well
  10. Jrock

    NHL Series

    I have returned from my journey's ...looking to play haha
  11. Jrock

    NHL Series

    I will be gone for the majority or all of this week (August 21-27)
  12. Jrock

    Post your PSN name!

    PSN: Burkafella Add me up to scrim or pub
  13. Jrock

    New Call of Duty Team!

    If this is for PS3...add me up PSN is Burkafella....Can run support/secondary slayer
  14. Jrock

    NHL Series

    Appreciate it!..Play again soon